And now, a picture of a young boy with an enormous centipede on his head.

You have been warned.

Will you look at that!

There’s a young boy with an enourmous centipede on his head.


Nitpickery: that looks like a millipede, not a centipede.

Sure it’s not a millipede?
Definitely looks like a young boy, tho. And I’m POSITIVE it’s his head it’s on.

Looks like a fake. (The … bug, not the boy.) :smiley:


You know, that’s actually one of the cuter “giant bug on head” pictures I’ve seen.

Big honkin’ bug, whatever it is.

Is it real?

When I clicked on the link, there was no sound file. :confused:

Pretty much my thoughts exactly.

I’ve handled millipedes much larger than that at the Tulsa State Fair. Every year they have a neat “Bug Zoo” where you can play with huge crawly things like tarantulas and millipedes and such. Here’s a pic of me with a very large walkingstick on my arm.

I was wandering around out in the woods the other day, and I suddenly spotted a big ol’ millipede on the ground. Now, me being a dorky nature boy, swooped down upon it, gathered it into my hand, and lifted it up for a whiff of bitter almond (they produce small amounts of hydrogen cyanide gas as a defense mechanism.) What I got was a handful of rotten ick when the very dead millipede fell apart and gacked up my hand and shirt. I smelled like rotten decapod for most of the rest of the day. I don’t recommend it.

You’re welcome for the mental image.

I knew that. :smack:

I’ve seen enormouser.

Seriously though- I mean, sure, the thread delivers what it promises, but where’s the hook, the angle? The love story? I can’t dance to it or anything. You drew me in, but what else have you got?

Well, heck, the 'pede has enough legs. Let him do the dancing.

A millipede moonwalk would be ABSOLUTELY incredible!

Hmm. Let’s see. Should I look at pinkfreud’s link and suffer the agony of itching and needing to run screaming from the room? Or should I close this browser and be blissfully unaware?

It is now time for the milipede on top of your head to explode…

My god, what is that creature?

Yes, the one under the millipede. :wink:

Garden variety yard-ape.

The first one. Definitely.