And Now Chris Hardwick [domestic abuse allegations]

Apparently an abusive asshole.

I only know Chloe Dykstra from a few things on Youtube, and Chris Hardwick mostly from The Talking Dead. Is it common knowledge that they dated? And if the boyfriend was Chris Hardwick, then, yes, he’s an asshole.

We need to hear both sides of this story.

Yes, this is 100% about Chris Hardwick.

Why do we know this? Is he the only guy she dated that long or what? The mention that the anonymous jerk got engaged to someone else shortly after?

Ok, I looked at an article about it. There’s a number of “identifying details”.

She made it very clear. Unless she is in a habit of dating older guys who started off as podcasters and became the CEO of their own company.

we’re talking about a person who gets paid to talk about zombie drama.

To be fair, and note I am not saying I do not believe her, but we are getting a one-sided story from a person with an admitted serious mental illness.

Chris may well be an asshole.

But Chloe…how do I say this and not be…I mean…

For fuck’s sake. You coulda just broke up with him.

You mean anorexia? If so, a model with that is kind of an occupational hazard and I don’t see why that would cast doubt on her recollections.

That’s true of amost all abusive relationships. She addresses it in her essay. But so what? If she had only dated him for a month, would that be your response to the story?

I didn’t read the article, but when my (now ex) wife had anorexia, she 100% did not think like a normal person.

Yes, that one. Anorexia is not just about eating and weight, there are very serious mental/behavioral components as well. Apathy, depression, social withdrawal and isolation, extreme denial and distortion of one’s perception of reality are common, but not widely known symptoms of the illness.

Again, not saying I don’t believe her, and I don’t have a problem believing Chris Hardwick is an asshole, but while “grain of salt” might be too harsh an idiom to use here, I don’t have a better one. Her memory might not be faulty, but her perception and interpretation of Hardwick’s behavior may not be 100% accurate.

Just seems to me that anorexia in a woman whose job is dressing up as sexy comic book characters might not be your classic anorexia. But what do I know?

It’s kind of messed up that she’s just had a movie come out where she stars, along with *another *rapist. I mean, I believe her, no question, but why didn’t *she *believe Stoya and the others, and defend James Deen on Twitter?

She saw what he was in their first 2 weeks. She has much deeper problems than him being a bad guy.

How completely awful. She should name him outright.

Ever heard of libel?

Or maybe a bad guy had an easier time taking advantage of a woman because of her deeper problems. Did that occur to you?