And Now Pop-up Ads?

When I came to the Board several minutes back I saw a pop-up ad launch. (And quickly killed it - I’m on dialup and loathe anything that needlessly scarfs my meager resources.)

Is this to be part of the Brave New Doper World? Or has this been going on for awhile and this is just the first time one slipped past my sentry hamsters?

No sign of pop-ups here.

I see nothing new. How about you check your system for newly installed badware?

I just got a pop-up ad myself when I opened this thread. Or would have, if good ol Firefox hadn’t blocked it.

No sign of pop-ups for me.

Nothing here either (using FF 3.0).

I have seen pop-up ads since I signed up a week or so ago.

Guests do see them, as do members who are not signed in. Paying members are not supposed to see them, as long as they are logged in.

Don’t know what’s the deal with the members who have been seeing them. The only time I see them is if I don’t sign in first.

They are struggling to make money. Its sad, really.

I have not seen them; therefore, I do not believe they exist.

Just what we need-another atheist.

But, you can’t prove that they don’t exist!

I somehow lost my cookie and so when I came to the board today I was not logged in. Holy cow, is THIS what non-members are getting for ads these days? :eek:

That’s all kinds of obnoxious!

:eek: Yep. I thinks I’d rather keep paying my $20 odd bucks a year to keep that away

Very infrequently I get what looks like the old Google ads detached from the browser window. My browser tends to crash soon after (Firefox, but a custom version for Solaris.) I need to start collecting what I’m looking at when this happens. I am logged in - my old problem about losing my login at random times has gone away.

What’s sad is they ARE making money from ads and subscriptions, but none of it gets plowed back into improvements, much as they claim they will. I’ve come to treat all promises as lies, until proven otherwise, based upon past performance.

Really? The income from ads and subscriptions exceeds expenses? How did you come by this information?

I just got a pop up ad too, and I didn’t even log in or out, I just hit back on my browser! It was a nice looking cruise ship though.

Has the board been shut down? Then obviously they are at least breaking even.

And considering the size of this board, they should be making money hand over fist with ads.

Why is that obvious? The Reader propped up this board for years, losing money every year even after we had subscriptions. Just because losses have been trimmed doesn’t not lead to any conclusion that it is in the black, or even breaking even. If the losses are acceptable, the owner might continue to support the board as a loss leader for the Reader itself. The fact is, we don’t know, because the finances of the Reader and their new overlords are private. I just reject your conclusion that the profitability of the board is “obvious”.