And people want to elect these clowns...

From the mouth of Joe Biden:

Speaks for itself.

You’re a blithering idiot.


Also, it was Biden’s gaffe, so your lame OP should be about “clown,” singular.

Hunh, late for the party, as usual.

ETA: as I am, apparently.

Curse you, you complete Knorf, you!

Ha ha! Joe Biden counted wrong! He sure is dumb, isn’t he!

[Department of Pedantry]

Well, Biden did say it was Obama who said ‘jobs’ is a three-letter word.

[/Department of Pedantry]

Ha ha! Carol Stream beat Clothahump to the punch!

That’s gotta hurt.

Yup, that’s definitely gonna leave a mark! Which brings up the question “What’s lamer than lame?” :rolleyes:


But who else is there? The problem with elections is the only people who put themselves forward are politicians, and even though they don’t deserve the power, they are all there is.

I think you have it backwards, Palin and McCain are being elected by clowns:

But even them could not prevent the legislators from concluding that Palin was guilty of Ethic violations, resulting in the** only(?) presidential team with both members running as unrepentant ethic violators.***

*McCain’s campaign recently came out saying that McCain did nothing wrong on the Keating scandal, contradicting the beginnings of his Maverick persona:

Ya gotta wonder how dumb McCain and Palin are that a first term senator and a bonehead like Biden are taking them out back to the woodshed for a whuppin’. What good’s that famous experience and wisdom?

It’s like watching them have sex or something.

Ew. But you can’t help laughing…

I think we have a one thread limit on a single quoted sentence being the subject of the OP.