Your candidate is bad, and mine is as pure as the wind driven snow.

Your candidate wants to destroy the country for hard working Americans, mine wants to save it.

Your candidate’s relatives and business associates are decidedly both mentally and morally sub-standard.

Your candidate’s past is spotty at best, and he associated with rather dodgy characters and espoused their disgusting and unamerican philosophies.

Your candidate lies at all times, and your mischaracterization of my candidate’s statements; making him out to be a liar; are unfair, and taken out of context.

Where X = my candidate, and Y = your candidate;

X>Y=The devil

Don’t blame me - I voted for Z.


This monkey’s gone to heaven.

This crap is exactly why voting for Obama makes so much sense.

Or as a counterpoint… Both candidates are good people who have served their country well and think they can make it better. My candidate however appears to have the more reasonable approach at this time and well honestly while both VP’s are poor choices, one is a really bad choice, like putting lipstick on a pitbull and running her for high office.


So you’ve reached the nadir?

Me, I’m favoring the Alpha and the Omega at this point. I like to think outside the box.

Your candidate was just convicted on multiple federal felony charges, my candidate wasn’t.

That one at least seems pretty straightforward.

I appreciate the effort at a completely generic mini-rant, but was there ever a time that the Obama camp hinted McCain was “unamerican” ?

No, he just lowered the barr. :stuck_out_tongue:

X? Y? Z?
At least it’s now W.

OK Poly, you win the internet. That was funny.



What, no love for the straight man?

Not the Obama camp, but the way some Obama supporters paint McCain on this board is at least as bad as the crap that the Republicans have pulled in the last 3 elections. I thought the Op was riffing on supporters, not the campaigns themselves.



He did suggest a that McCain was inappropriately linked to a guy named George Bush. That’s apparently just as much “negative campaigning” as saying that a guy is a socialist, America-hating, terrorist sympathizer.

Damn. I always do this.
Now = Not

Woulda made my joke a little funnier.

Now, to further step on the jokes and drag this thread out of the funny, allow me to recite the entire second act from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. …

… or maybe not.