And sick weirdo of the year goes to...

This was the “link of the day” on Something Awfull today.

Okay now, not only is it furry “art”…
But it is “erotic” furry “art”…
Mostly with various penis-horse-girls…


and this is the part that they did not mention…

They are often Nazi, erotic, furry, penis-hose-girls, with breasts larger then their bodies.


Sometimes with human Nazi’s “snuggling up” with the other creatures, or the creatures themselves are wearing nazi uniforms.

WTF did this guys parents do to him?

I am not clicking on that link.


Stop looking at me.

I am going to exercise a little restraint. Usually I’m the biggest internet rubbernecker you could ever imagine.

But there are some things I will just not click WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHGGHHHHHHHH!!!

is this legal?

Oh my gosh… this guy needs some serious therapy, about ten years ago… It’s people like this that make me realize being a psychology major could be a highly lucrative career, should I go into full time counseling. I wonder what Freud would have to say about this guy? At least he’s in touch with his subconscious?

Some people do it just for kicks. There’s a word in the furry fandom-- “Winger”. It refers to an artist who draws stuff similarly, with oversized and overdone -everything- and is thought of both as famous and infamous for it.

Just please fer goddsake don’t immediately apply your impressions there to ‘Furry’ as a whole. As if we don’t got enough bad impressions from E.R., Vanity Faire, Something Awful, and more recently, Penny Arcade.

There–I’ve said my piece…dignity as a fur demands that I do, even if personally I really don’t care what kinda perverts are housed within our little subsected culture. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

OMFG!! How much effort must have went into this!? This stuff’s clearly “Labor of Love”, not something cooked up as a joke.

Um. Ew?

Oh my grossness…

I am at the office without so much as a cubicle to shelter my surfing. It is killing me to be unable to find out what all the fuss is about here.

(Frankly, the amount of time I spend on the SDMB should have gotten me shot into space ages ago, but somehow I have been spared.)

Calling that artist a “Winger” is a disservice to the real Winger.


This is why I got out of furry fandom.

I, like GrandfatherTrout, am at work and unable to satisfy my burning curiosity.

WTF is a “penis-horse-girl”?

he just grins

I could post some Winger links that would make yer toes curl, but I won’t–since it might make Mark Parsons’ art pale by comparison.

Exactly what it says. An anthropomorphic horse with huge breasts and a gigantic penis.

What’s really sad is that this guy is clearly a talented artist, and obviously a lot of time has gone into the work. But the subject matter is something else entirely.

And, I know I’ll regret asking this, but what is a ‘furry’?

Art, stories, etc. involving anthromorphic animals. It doesn’t have to be sexual.