...and ...speaking of booty licking.... TMI (DUH)

You may have noticed a recent disappeared thread regarding tongue to asshole… authored by a sock or ten…

But(t)… there was an interesting point brought up:
In my 34 years I’ve had this pleasure exactly three times… and given it twice.

I do know that it’s also come up in Cecil’s columns as well.

As a straight male I can say that my butthole is one sacred square inch. But a girly’s tongue is the least of my worries, and pretty much the end-all be-all of what I’ll let up in there - I’m even afraid of the classic female pinky finger during a blowjob.

Um, congratulations?

I wish they hadn’t disappeared the thread, at any rate. I don’t care if a sock started it. I’d like to read the rimjob thread.

Thanks [bExcalibre]**.

Woohoo! Here’s to rimjob threads!

No Prudes Allowed!

stupid [coding/b]

^ that’s a joke

Are you drunk again, Eleusis?