And the mother of the year award goes to...

definitely not this Bitch.

Yes, children can be boring. I mean, how thrilling is it to play 14 games of Candyland? But let me let you in on a little secret…it’s not about entertaining you! It’s about making your children feel secure and loved and happy. Spending fifteen minutes pushing your child on a swing pays off in spades.

No, SCT. You’ve completely missed the point. There’s not a parent among us who hasn’t wanted to strangle their kids, who would much rather sit through a movie but have to leave because the baby won’t stop crying, who has to give up the hot Mustang convertible for the minivan. Raising a child to be a functioning, contributing member of society is an awesome, painful, sometimes unrewarding job. It’s not all fun and games. I certainly don’t find my children thoroughly fascinating and enjoyable at all times. And you know what? I bet they feel the same way sometimes about me! It’s called life…it can’t be all martinis and chocolate all the time.

Guess what, toots…no one enjoys that! But you do it because your HIS MOTHER!

First off, what research, and second off…condescending much? Do you know how much fun it is to make a three year old giggle? To get a child to name the colors on your shirt? To take a teenager to get her ears pierced?

Guess what? One is teaching your child responsibility, and one is being involved in your child’s life. But I guess you missed that on your way to the beauty salon instead of your kid’s soccer game.

Yes. That’s all it takes. :smack: You should have gotten a cat instead of pregnant.

Poor babies.

If it helps, you should know that the Daily Mail is what they print on toilet paper that fails quality control.

While I agree with the article that there’s nothing wrong with women who refuse to attend school plays, go to the playground, read kid’s books or participate in any other childcare activity I would encourage such women to refrain from having children.

So, we don’t believe what’s printed in the paper? Is it like the National Enquirer over here?

Maybe she got it backwards (Mothers have young children the most when they drink)?

Weeeell, we just pretend it doesn’t exist, really. It’s not quite National Enquirer levels, but it’s kind of the newspaper equivalent of a troll; the sort of paper which will lose subscriptions if it doesn’t use the phrase “political correctness gone mad” at least five times per page.

I didn’t mean to dismiss your rant, by the way, which was most excellent. I just meant to assuage your worries about the children in question, who have probably been taken into protective custody as soon as the authorities were alerted to the fact that one of their parents was a Mail columnist. That column is particularly heinous, though, isn’t it? It could almost be an Onion spoof (or something out of Private Eye, in fact).

Jesus Christ, why did she even have kids in the first place? It’s too much bother to spend TEN minutes to read a freaking story? Wow. No one said you had to totally stop doing everything you love-but there’s a MIDDLE GROUND, bitch.

Told them “they are loved?” Maybe she TELLS them that, but her actions are telling them that they’re a total burden.

Oh well, someday they’ll get “bored” with Mum too and pack her off to some cheap, fifth-rate nursing home.

It’s just her perky, giggly, oh aren’t I an enlightened woman of the new millennia crap that made me want to shake her. While she’s congratulating herself on how she doesn’t cater to her children’s “whims,” her kids now know there’s no point in asking her to play with them because she considers spending time with them boring and tedious.

I can only hope Dad is more involved.

Let me concur with Dead Badger here … You know when you’re travelling on a bus, and there’s a man in the back seat, sitting by himself, smelling strongly of methylated spirits and urine, and he’s ranting incoherently about something, you can’t quite make out what, but he’s clearly annoyed and rampantly paranoid besides? An opinion piece in the Daily Mail has about the same level of credibility.

So maybe things were “exaggerated” for effect?

Does anyone think this attitude is really new? She’s got a nanny for Pete’s sake! She’s affluent and can afford not to mother her children. Women from higher social position always have/had this option. Makes you wonder why they squeeze out kids, but really, who cares?

As long as you raise your own and doing so gives you pleasure, then why do you care about some ridiculous article in a less than respectable rag?

Meh, I think it’s an Onionesque put-on designed to rile up the readership. What else do they do at the Mail when they’re in the mood to poke their readers with a sharp stick?

Quite probably, yeah. Like I say, Private Eye (a UK satirical magazine) has a recurring spoof column by called “Polly Filler” in which the aforementioned Polly bemoans the hardships of modern life with children while in fact dumping any and all actual work on the au pair. It’s precisely this sort of thing that they’re satirising, and the column you linked reads so amazingly similarly to one of these spoofs that it beggars belief, really.

I find it hard to tell whether the columnist is really just making up provocative bullshit to fill some space; undoubtedly there are many such vapid arseholes in existence, who take no more interest in their children’s development than is necessary to supply them with bragging material around the water cooler, and it’s quite probable that such people are more likely than others to work at the Daily Mail. But equally a Mail “journalist” really wouldn’t be above just making it all up, like they do with their interminable stories about yob culture and “British culture” being “banned”. Like I say; best to pretend you simply didn’t see it. :slight_smile:

Great. Now I’ve fed the Troll. Grrrrr…

Why would anyone even joke about stuff like that?

Because it’s so funny watching people’s knees jerk into their eyeballs? :wink:

She named her kids “Ivan” and “Constantin”? Constantin? No e? Just Constantin?


This is the kind of thing that makes Ed Anger pig-biting mad.

I got this far and stopped. I already hated her as much as I could hate. This is either a fake or we have stumbled upon the world’s dumbest bitch.

Really. What kind of woman gives up the chance to stare at Johnny Depp?

Believe it or not, there are some women out there for whom Mr. Depp doesn’t do a thing shrug

Troll or not, there are, unfortunately, mothers who are a close approximation to the article. Although my first reaction is “Then why the hell did she ever become pregnant?”, my second reaction wavers between "Because she seems the type to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ and ‘Maybe she thought becoming a mother would change her in some way’.

Nevertheless, it’s a sad commentary. There are women who just aren’t meant to be mothers. She’s one of them.