And the Republicans Show That They Are Not Serious About Governement

Let’s see, a democratically elected House votes to bring about Health Care Reform, after 14 months of debate annd the Republicans decide a proper use of their rhetorical and governing energy should be aimed at …repeal. What a bunch of fucking crybabies who would rather try to make a political point and engage in poitical gimmickery than try and, you know, do what they were sent to Washington to do, govern.

Memo to Republicans, reapeal isn’t gonna happen because 1) the President would veto it before the ink dries (annd ink dries pretty fast); and 2) Why thhe fuck would you repeal a law that was just voted on…by a MAJORITY of DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED lawmakers. You know what, let’s repeal the Iraq war, let’s repeal torture, let’s repeal politicizing the justice department. Oh wait, WE CAN’T. But if the Republicans want to look at why we have HCR that they don’t like they can look no further then their eight year complicit love affair with George Bush and Dick Cheney and how America kicked their asses OUT!

Yeah, I know it ihas been obvious throughout this debate that they aren’t serious about anything except a wingnut teabagger agenda of creating “Obama’s Waterloo”. it’s looking more and more like they are Napolean.

Repeal cannot work.

Even if the GOP did very well next time around, they could not gain a veto-proof majority in the Senate. So repeal is a fantasy. If they do well in 2012, they will find health care reform an established program loved by the voters and the health-care industry.

Wait…you’re only NOW realizing that Republicans aren’t serious about government?

Republicans - The Party of Ideas!

They are starting to remind me of the Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail - It’s just a flesh wound!

No, I knew they weren’t serious, but now they are truly revealinng it in the most transparent way possible.

They’re serious about government not letting gays and lesbians marry. . .

The Democrats can repeal the Authorization of Use of Force in Iraq any time they want to. They can put the wheels in motion to bring everybody back at their leisure. They can pass any law relating to torture tomorrow if they like. And they can cease politicization of the Justice Department by nominating apolitical people to positions.

It’s ALWAYS about political advantage. Always. If they haven’t done any of those things that you were going on about in the OP it’s because they see some sort of advantage in not doing so.

I’m loathe to say it, because it will bring the firestorm down on me, but I will anyway… your naivete is showing, Gangster Octopus. You really ought to know better by now.

Of course, no one ever said they were the party of GOOD ideas…

The Republican Party is going to use repeal as a campaign issue. They know it won’t happen, but they can hope that it will help them win some seats in the mid-terms. I know someone who works at a doctors office who is saying that, starting last Monday, they won’t be accepting any patients who are receiving the new government health care plan. There are a LOT of people in the Republican base who have no clue about the HCR bill except what they’ve heard down at the local fire hall. Do you think those people are going to understand that the bill isn’t going to be repealed? No, as far as they’re concerned, they’ll vote for whoever promises them that they’ll stop the evil, communist, socialist, Nazi liberals who are all on welfare and possibly even black.

I laughed.

So much for the Hippocratic Oath.


How does someone that stupid even GET to work in a doctor’s office? There IS no new government healthcare plan. They didn’t even expand the existing government healthcare plan. There is no public option. There is no single-payer. There is no Medicare-buy-in-for-all. This bill created NO new direct healthcare payment entities.

Bah! That’s what the liberal media (like my hometown paper, that socialist rag The Omaha World-Herald) is reporting and wants you to believe!!

(In columns right next to endorsing Gov. Heinemann’s efforts to keep pregnant undocumented immigrants from getting pre-natal care, that is.)

I apologize to the person who works in C3’s doctor’s office…obviously that person wouldn’t be the one who decided not to accept “the new national healthcare plan”. That would have to be the proprietor/doctor, which actually makes it even WORSE! My god…if I’d heard that about my doctor’s office they’d be losing at least four patients immediately. No one that stupid is sticking sharp things in my body.

When was the Justice Department not a political entity, again? Anyway, what the hell is an “apolitical” person? Somebody who doesn’t vote? Perhaps you mean career lawyers… like Eric Holder (formerly also a member of the judiciary), Elena Kagan, David Ogden and Thomas Perelli?

And the backpedalling begins.

i am not naive, honestly. I know thhis is political. I am just annoyed by their idiocy.

Gangster Octopus, I don’t really see a problem with them campaigning to repeal it. I hope that they lose on the issue, but I really don’t see a problem.

Assume for example that the Democrats campaigned in favor of repealing the Defense of Marriage Act. Wouldn’t you support that? Would you say that they weren’t serious about government? Right now, this is going to be a major issue in the next election. Make sure that you vote in the next election. I don’t see how any of this is different that politics as usual.

(Link posted to prove that I am not making this up!)

The backstory is that if even one piddling amendment to the HRC bill in the Senate gets through, then they have to send it back to the House to be re-voted. So the Pubbies are introducing all kinds of amendments to force the Dems to vote them down, so they can produce ads about how perfidious, etc.

My personal favorite: an amendmenet to ban local clinics from prescribing Viagra for sex offenders.

Once again: I swear, I am not making this up!

Erm… I’m kind of in favor of that one.