And the "World's Dumbest Crook" Award goes to...

Cris Crego, step up and get your free complementary trip to jail!

Fugitive posts whereabouts on Facebook.

When I was training to be a bank teller, I was told of a recent robbery at a different branch. The robbers getaway car was a cab waiting outside for him. The cab driver drove him home from there.

The police investigation took minutes.

Not bad, but for me it’s a toss-up between:-

The crooks who figured on holding up the bank that was opposite the local police HQ, on the cops’ pay-day, in the lunch-hour. They got about as far as calling out “This is a stick-” before they were drowned out by the chorus of safeties being taken off. :smack:

The thief who tried to steal a couple hundred yards of valuable copper cable… while it was still carrying about a kilovolt. He was found, badly charred, at the foot of the utility pole. :smack:

Don’t forget the couple that took their 4 year old with them to rob a jewelry store and then left him there. The child helped the police identify them. Linky.

Reminds me of when I was the morning bartender at a place heavily frequented by police heading home after night shift. This - life form - comes in to rob the place with a cut-down .410 shotgun. He got about half way through the word “freeze” when he saw about 40 guns pointed his direction including 2 12-bore shotguns. He dropped his piece like it had turned red hot and screamed “HELP - POLICE!!!”

Lockport police posted a thank-you note on Crego’s Facebook page saying: “It was due to your diligence in keeping us informed that now you are under arrest.” :D:D:D:D