And Then There Were Two (kids, I mean)

Got a lot of catching up to do on the board. You see, I’ve had a busy weekend.

My son, John Robert, was born Saturday, October 2nd, 1999, at 8:42 pm. 7 lbs 6 oz, 19 1/2 inches long.

No, I didn’t have any pain medication. It was too fast. There’s no horror story to tell about delivery, except that I didn’t have drugs, and I wanted them really bad.

Got to go now…John’s big sister wants to give her baby brother some french fries. :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Christi! Glad to hear it all went quickly.

Libras make the best babies, by the way. :wink:

Sex is nobody’s business except the three people involved.

Awright! Congratulations and Best Wishes!

I don’t know about Libra babies but I do know they make terrific software engineers.

p.s. Make sure his sister only gives the baby unsalted french fries. Too much salt isn’t good for him!

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Congrats!! Great news!!
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Some mornings it just doesn’t seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps.


I don’t know what your oldest is like, but here’s a warning: don’t assume that # 2 will be like her in any way at all.

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And back with us in just over 42 hours.

Congratulations Cristi!

Well, if they wouldn’t give the real dope, Cristi comes running…err…hobbling to us for the Straight Dope.

Whoooo Hooooo for Little John Robert…my future son in law :slight_smile: Hey doesn’t Gerber or Heinz make puree french fries? :slight_smile:

Get some sleep ( yeah, I know, what’s that?) and relax. Before you know it, he’ll be asking for your car keys.

You’ve got that right. I can see the differences (besides the most obvious one) already. My daughter was a very easy baby. Now she is two. She is excellent at being two. I don’t think I have to say more

So far, John is not difficult. Of course, he’s only 2 days old. But he has a different style already. He lets me know when his diaper needs changing (something my daughter never did, and still doesn’t usually do), and he eats more than my daughter did. He’s not awake much yet, though, so I’m sure I’ll see more little things as weeks go by.

Aren’t HMO’s dandy? :wink:

YAY! Congrats Cristi! And happy birth-day (quite literally!) to the little one!

I want a baby. They’re cute. Hmm. Maybe I’ll just get a kitten.

I am so happy for you! I’m glad everything went so well.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

A good life for the newcomer !!

Three words: ‘beschuit met muisjes’

It’s a traditional thing that’s served to the guests celebrating the birth of a baby.
Literally: Rusk with Little Mice.
They’re blue for boys and pink for girls. Check out this link:

So, I’ll be having one for you new baby :wink:


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A boy and a girl…you are truly blessed.

Give the baby’s head a rub for me would ya?


::Happy Dance::

Congratulations to you and your entire family.

So, why haven’t you posted the baby’s picture on a web site yet? We want pictures!!!

“I had plastic surgery last week. I cut up my credit cards.”

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Uhhhhh…I don’t have a website. Suffice it to say that once he & Shirley’s daughter start having kids of their own…they will make Cindy Crawford look like the Wicked Witch of the West. :slight_smile:

That’s okay, I don’t have a web site either.

BTW, are we arranging marriages now? I have an adorable three-year-old son whose girlfriend moved out of state. He likes them blonde, blue-eyed, and is not afraid to share cookies or the occasional cold with him. :slight_smile:

“I had plastic surgery last week. I cut up my credit cards.”

  • Henny Youngman

OH, HERE’S the baby announcement…

Gawd, I’m so insanely jealous of you! (And Shirley, and PrairieRose and anyone else who’s recently had a baby or is expecting.)

Congratulations again, Cristi (in case you didn’t see it in the Teaching Kids To Read thread.)

Could you ladies PLEASE send some pregnancy vibes my way?

Dying for another one,

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Now you might be ready for some Bill Cosby books. When they get bigger, there is more than twice as much work with two kids. When they break something, you now have to interrogate them. Have fun.

You know, if you guys are wanting kids, I have two perfectly healthy blonde, blue-eyed little girls here that are just screaming for a new home. Cheap. No stretchmarks required.

They were outside playing with bubbles yesterday. Evil Almost Three decided it would be cute to run up to every little boy that passed, tap him, flirt, then RUN, screaming Nyaah Nyaah, You Can’t Get Me, complete with fingers in ears and tongue out.

I’m looking into convents already. Any recommendations?

Congrats Cristi! He sounds perfect- good size, healthy baby boy. My little one also sends his regards (gurgles, but still best wishes). Hugs to you all! :slight_smile:


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My son did his first internet chat today. On Excite Voice chat… wearing the headset microphone, and chatting away with some other little kids. wiping away a tear my little baby… only four but all grown up!

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