And to complement the "boyfriend pillow"...

The Japanese have done it once again: the… well, it has to be seen to be believed.

The Lap Pillow

To be honest, I actually saw this in Tokyu Dept. Store in Shibuya a couple of weeks ago and said to my wife, “that’s got to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Gotta wonder, though, just how anatomically correct it is.

ewww. Kind of looks like your snuggling up to a the lower half of a dismembered human.

You mean you didn’t check?

Yeah, I mean it looks like everyone else did.

That’s probably right; any man dumb enough to buy the thing is most likely prone to other acts of wanton stupidity, like accidentally setting fire to his wife, or forgetting where he lives; neither of these things contribute positively to a married relationship.

Well, I assumed it wasn’t since I didn’t expect to see that sort of thing at Tokyu (it was in the kids’ section, after all). Had it been the one of the Don Quixote stores (yeah, that’s the actual name), then there’s no telling what might be hidden in there (they stock the lubricants and buttplugs right next to the Matchbox cars).

It only comes in one color? What if a gentleman wants a pillow with more…ahhh…stuffing?