Boyfriend pillow: useful or uncanny?

A girl I work with was talking about how she missed curling up in her boyfriends (well, ex-boyfriend’s) arms now that they broke up. She says she just can’t sleep without being held, etc. Another girl I work with mentioned the “boyfriend pillow.” Well, I searched for it and found it.

Basically, it’s shaped like half a torso and an arm that you can bend around you. I would be creeped out by it and for me, it falls waayyy too close to the uncanny valley for me. Not quite as bad as the creepy Peppermint Park kids, but still creepy.

But then I started to laugh. I think it would be fun for pranks. I think it would be fun to creep my husband out by having him curl up with a doll while he’s sleeping. I think it would be fun to have hanging out the passenger side of my car as I drive down the street. And so on. The girl I work with said she just might have to get one… wow.

What is your take on this odd invention?

Personally I can’t see it being anything like sleeping with someone. Isn’t part of the point of curling up with a guy that he’s warm? According to the reviews people like it though…

It makes me feel a bit sad, actually. All those lonely people, snuggling up to a torso-shaped pillow to delude themselves that someone’s really holding them. :frowning:

But perhaps I’m overthinking it.

Do they make a version with breasts? Hey, I’m just asked for a friend!

They’re called realdolls.
I really need one of these pillows. I can often manipulate my bedside fan so that it sounds like someone snoring, and then I can somehow set up a contraption that makes fart noises and smells randomly… and then it’ll be just like sleeping with a man!

It seems creepy to me. I’m not sure if having a head would make it more or less creepy.

And they are also creepy.

You forgot random groping in the middle of the night. Or is that just me?

Easy. That is for your… protection. We are just making sure you are still there and not kidnapped and replaced by an alien, and you ladies have little bar codes we have to scan that we hide in certain places.

One of these days you ladies are going to quit asking questions and just learn to accept we do things for your benefit and leave it at that.

Yes. Do a search on Amazon for ‘girlfriend pillow’.

The boyfriend pillow helped my mother tremendously after my father’s unexpected death. They had been together for 42 years and most of those nights she slept with his arm around her, so sleeping alone was very difficult for her. Even though it is nothing like the real thing, it made it cozier for Mom and enabled her to actually get some sleep.

Yes they do, they are called teddy babes

Props to Samsung or who ever it is that keeps posting links to them. I wonder how long it will be before they make an Avatar Teddy Babe. So Ronery indeed.

Much like large-wale, velvet corduroy, a boyfriend-pillow would feel wonderful yet have to be denied at every opportunity. :stuck_out_tongue:

The girlfriend pillows I’ve seen were all about sleeping with your head in her lap.

Realdolls seem to be for sex. And teddy babes seem to be for cuddling. These pillows are actually designed for sleeping on.

Well, maybe if I’d had one, I wouldn’t have put my face in a jar by the door or died. Hmmph.
actually, they’re a bit creepy for me, too. But why the hell not? Surely it’s harmless and most of us could use more and better quality sleep. I’ve been known to hug a pillow in my day–not sure I’m ready for one that hugs back, but YMMV.

I’m not sure if they are creepy to use, but my mother brought hers when she came to visit and didn’t warn me. What is creepy is to walk into your spare bedroom to replace guest towels only to find half a man laying on the bed. I think I jumped a few inches off the floor before I realized it was inanimate. :wink:

That is hysterical! Now I want one.

Full bathtub + red food coloring + boyfriend pillow.

Just sayin’.

What is going to happen if a woman with one of these actually gets a boyfriend?

I mean, imagine going into your new girlfriend’s room and finding one of those in the bed! :eek::confused::frowning:

I like the shape of that thing, because I like to hug my pillow but it’s hard to get the angle right to leave enough pillow for my head to lie on while I’m hugging it.

It’s weird that it looks like half a muppet torso, but in theory I think I’d like it.

Why is is wearing an oxford shirt? It should be naked and hairy.