Dopers in Bed

You know what, I’m just about to go to bed as of this posting. I wanted to announce this mundane and pointless thing, but then I thought, “Jesus, what is it like in the average Doper’s bed?”

So, answer me this:

  1. How many pillows do you have, and what, are they body pillows? Do you use so many pillows under your head that you are going hunchback?
  2. Any cool logos or characters on your stuff?
  3. What’s the bed like when you wake up?
  4. Is your bed ashamed of you?
    5.Take anything cuddly to bed?(not talking blow up dolls!)
  5. What kind of bed, or is it a bed at all? Anyone sleeping on the couch?

For me, I’ve got nothing special to look at right now. Just a flowery blanket, blue sheets, and a big striped body pillow. Life is just not worth the effort.

Everything is on the floor when I wake up, and I am probably headed to hell just for the behavior I display in my sleep. I throw my pillows across the room (also have two regular blue pillows) and just about kick the mattress from the frame from flailing around at night. I’m going to get a Paris Hilton Cam in here so I can tape another Faces of Death.

I wish I had something cuddly to take to bed, but the only thing that I could hold that I see are a few dumbbells across the room. I don’t think that’s safe, though. I might lob it through a wall and kill somebody, which would definitely justify a Faces of Death. I’m going to have to invest in a Winnie the Pooh doll to go along with my Queen Size! :slight_smile:

BTW, my bed is not necessarily ashamed, but fearful of me. A restraining order is on the way, I have no doubt of it. Thank God I’m single, or something terrible might happen. The poor woman would be juggled and frisbee’d down the halls, all while I haven’t got a bit of meanness in me!

God bless wherever you rest tonight,

  1. I have two horribly flat pillows that I keep intending to trade in. They’re plain old side-sleeper pillows that have been squashed beyond all recognition. I also have a bedrest (also known as a wedge or husband or something like that) which I lean against to read in bed.

  2. No cool logos on my stuff, though my comforter is reversible animal-print. My sheets are pale beige with tan flowers (hideous) and I have a pale blue knitted blanket between top sheet and comforter. I also can count as accessories my friends with whom I live, who like to come flop on my bed whenever they can. In turn, I flop on their beds too. Give and take.

  3. All the blankets and stuff tend to be on one side or the other when I wake up, straggling down toward the floor. I take a while finding a good spot when sleeping alone, though on the rare occasions that I’ve had a bed partner, I tend to stay in one spot. Can’t cross the invisible bed line. Once a girlfriend asked me, “Should I put my sword in between us?” She didn’t have a sword, of course, but you know what I mean.

  4. I don’t think the bed is ashamed of me, although I’m sure it wishes I could keep still.

  5. No cuddly bed partners of any kind. Pity, since I could use someone to warm my feet on.

  6. At present, it’s a twin bed, so adding anyone else to it would be cramped, though probably fun. My bed at “home” is a full-size black iron bed with nice fluffy pillows, but I haven’t slept in it since January.

I have a big ol’ cheesy captain’s bed. No pillows for me–I hate 'em. Just a duvet with a sort of brown & black baroque-ish quasi-floral patterned cover that I find vaguely embarassing. I need a solid-coloured one.

If I’m alone, I tend to roll up in the duvet like an enormous pupa, and wake up that way. Forget jumping out of bed in time to answer the phone.

Is the bed ashamed of me? Maybe a little perplexed, what with the pupa thing and all.

No cuddly things. Big, angular books.

No logos, although my last bed had a Star Wars skirt that I bought by accident. (I swear!) I bought it because it was black and grey, and would match the comforter I had. It wasn’t until I got it home that I noticed it was a checkerboard of Imperial and Alliance emblems. A real :smack: moment, as I had a variety of Star Wars branded bedclothes from 1978 to 1984, and didn’t really expect to return there in my thirties.

  1. I have four pillows, two each for my husband and myself. We each get a firm pillow for support, then a feather pillow. He usually squishes the down one over his head. I do too, if something noisy is going on (Mr. Creature is on swing shift right now and I adjusted my schedule accordingly - which means we’re on our preferred sleep-til-noon schedule - which admittedly comes with its problems).

  2. No logos or anything. My summer sheets are cheetah print, everything else is solid except for a quilted flower top.

  3. Usually my husband has the sheet wadded up on his side and I have the rest in the morning.

  4. If it is, it isn’t because of our sleeping habits :smiley:

  5. Well my husband, for one. Our three cats also sleep with us.

  6. We have a handmedown pillowtop and it is very high off the ground (I dunno, waist-height?) When we first lived together we slept on a mat on the floor with sleeping bags for blankets. This is a major improvement :slight_smile:

Also, I have flannel sheets in the wintertime. Here in SoCal, we had some nice weather last week, so I took it upon myself to change to our (much thinner) summer sheets, thereby ensuring another 6 weeks of winter in LA County.

  1. Many, many pillows. A king sized pillow and two standard sized, plus a “squooshy” beanbag type that goes between my knees to alleviate back pain caused by an old injury. I sort of make a triangle out of the normal pillows, and I sleep on my side with one and a half pillows under my head, half a pillow under my shoulder and one kind of along my back. My husband has a feather pillow, the king sized one on his side, and two standard pillows, most of which are on the floor by morning.

  2. No cool characters or logos. Just solid colored sheets (currently moss green), an electric blanket, and two antique quilts (I freeze at night.) In the warm weather, the electric blanket comes off and I switch to lighter quilts, but there’s still usually two of them.

  3. Like wrestlers tangled in it, but that’s primarily the WryGuy’s fault. I don’t move much, because I tend to cocoon, and I have cats on me (see below, #5)

  4. It’s probably ashamed of the dust bunnies underneath, but otherwise, no.

  5. I have three cats, two of whom sleep ON me. Tasha sleeps draped across my butt, Tee sleeps on my feet - or on my head, depending on his mood.

  6. King sized, normal bed - box spring and mattress, dust ruffle. I do sleep on the couch whenever the WryGuy is traveling on business. I don’t like to be home alone at night (the kid doesn’t count in the protection area) so I set the house alarm, make the dog lie nearby, and keep the TV on.

  1. I have 2 pillows and I’m a bit annoyed at myself because I bought new ones on the weekend because my old ones were getting a bit old. My mistake was indecision - “Firm or medium?” I asked myself as I stood in the department store. Not wanting to get this important decsion wrong I decided one of each was best rather than be totally wrong and get 2 I didn’t like. What I didn’t think about was that I like to put them in a “V” shape with my head in the middle so when I do it now out of habit its very uncomfortable with one ear higher than the other sigh I should have chosen medium.

  2. Nice elephant shapes on my current sheets, the other are plain although one set is made out of t-shirt material. Black doona cover with white stars all over it.

  3. A huge mess - I never make my bed though so it starts out pretty untidy and just gets worse.

  4. No. Its quite proud. (strange question - what does this mean?)

  5. I am a male in my late 20s and I have one toy from my childhood. It tends to work its way between the bed and the wall and stay there for a long time. Its not cuddly at all though as it has very large plastic eyes. My remore controls tend to be on the edge of the bed and either fall off during the night or I lay on them and push them off.

  6. Single bed - necessary because I live in a small apartment. No springs, just wooden slats. After having double beds (or double futon) for a while I moved into my last place and with the smaller size got an old bed from my parents - it is the same bed I slept in as a child.

I am a poor student sleeping in a very narrow bed. Very narrow…the bruises emphasise this point. I have one pillow but a double duvet which I tuck down one side of the bed otherwise I invariably wake up sans covers. My bed may be ashamed of me…I may be guilty of not lavishing enough attention on fresh bedding (hell, I AM a student!!) but I am more ashamed of it. Nothing I can do about that though… I have dark coloured bedding (white would never do…see aforementioned ‘fresh bedding’ admission)

At home, however, I have king sized comfort. Ahh, the joys of sleeping diagonally.

  1. 6 pillows - 2 square euro pillows and 4 regular ones, the euro ones are both for decoration and extra elevation when watching TV. But I generally only sleep with 1 pillow.
  2. Mainly solid colours only. I don’t do flowers (strange I know for a girl).
  3. The bed looks almost unslept in - apparently I don’t wriggle much at all (when I am sleeping by myself!).
  4. My bed is a snob, it’d dressed in only 250+ thread count 100% cotton sheets, a feather/down duvet, and is made every day. Every bed wishes it was this lucky.
  5. My cat sleeps under my left arm, and the boyf sleeps under the right.
  6. Queen sized bed.
  1. Just one pillow under my head. Anything more and I feel like I’m sitting up.
  2. No logos. My comforter is a blue plaid design.
  3. Usually about the same as when I went to bed, except a little messier. Unless it was fairly messy when I went to bed, in which case the sheets are half on the floor.
  4. I don’t think it is. Though I’m noticed my pillow has an odd tendency to edge off the end of the bed–think it’s trying to run away?
  5. Occasionally a stuffed animal or the cat if I’m at home. I still have most of my stuffed animals from childhood, which is nice because the cat rarely stays.
  6. Twin sized, I think. The one I’m using here is just a mattress on a frame–not even a headboard. My bed at home is a children’s bed, you know the kind with the shelving at the head and drawers undrerneath. Had it ever since I outgrew my crib.
  1. 2 Pillows, two for a reading a book position, one for sleeping.

  2. No cool logos, just whatever Mum thought looked best on my bed at home before I left for uni’.

  3. The bed usually has the quilt slightly dragged over to one side come morning time.

  4. Not that I’m aware of :slight_smile:

  5. Sometimes I take my girlfriend to bed, she’s very cuddly. But she does accuse me of fidgeting and limb rearranging before I doze off and a lot of fidgeting while asleep :wink:

  6. For a few weeks while our landlord was sorting out some damp and blocked sewers I slept on our sofas, not long enough and hard and soft in the wrong places (soft on my back so I was bent over and hard on my head so I got a crick in my neck come morning)

  1. 2 pillows
  2. Minimalist pattern on the duvet.
  3. The bed looks reasonably ok in the morning.
  4. What Pushkin said.
  5. I’d love to have someone cuddly to take to bed.
  6. It’s a double bed.
  1. Two pillows. I arrange them so that one is half up against the headboard and the other half of it is on half of ther second pillow. I put my shoulders on the bottom half of the second one, and my head on the area that’s doubeld up. I need to get one nice pillow, of medium firmnes, because I don’t like doing this. I prefer just one, but these are old and worn out. But stacking them two high all the way is too much, so I have to do this little rearangment.

  2. Nope. I have a gray fitted sheet, and then a quilt on top of that. The quilt is reversible, with blue on one side, green on the other (I keep the blue side up.) That’s usually it. Sometimes, if it’s really cold, I’ll have a fleece blanket which I put on top of the quilt.

  3. Not too bad, usually, Odds are, I’ve doen something with the pillows, so either my head will be right on the bed with one on top of my head, or I will have just one under me. Even though I tosss and turn, somehow my quilt stays perfectly on top of me. Probably sicne it’s the only thing there, it doesn’t get all tangled.

  4. I can’t see why it would be.

  5. Nothing cuddly.

  6. It’s just a twin bed. A bed frame, with headboard, which has both a box spring and matterss on top of it.

I have a question to all those people with severla pillows: What the Hell do you do with all of them? I mean, I’ve seen beds (one of my girlfriend’s comes to mind…) that had four regular pillows, a bunch of decrotative throw pillows, and one of those wedge thingies as well. We rarely slept at her plce, but when we did, I just threw all but the regular pillows on the floor, and would get yelled at for it. It seems like such a hassle to have to remove all the ones you don’t use, then put them back in them morning. And where do you remove them to, if not the floor?!

Of course, I NEVER make my bed, as a matter of principle, so the whole idea of “making it look nice” just seems stupid to me.

  1. Home: I have two pillows but only sleep with one.
    School: One pillow.

  2. Home: I have Oreo cookie seets and comforter on at the moment.
    School: Snowmen sheets and a matching blue down comforter (sooo nice).

  3. Either way, the comforter is usually rolled in a ball after I get out of bed.

  4. Neither bed should be ashamed of me, as I only sleep in them.

  5. At home I sleep with my teddy bear, Lovey :smiley:

  6. Home: Full
    School: Twin

  1. 4 piwwies. Two for me and two for hubby. Queen size hypoallergenic.
  2. Sadly, no. I don’t understand why they don’t make cool sheets for the grown up beds. On the same token, I abhor most floral print sheets, so I’ve got two sets of boring sheets; one in green and one in blue.
  3. Usually a twisted mess. Sometimes I drool on the pillow, but just a little.
  4. Nah, I think my bed loves me.
    5.Just the hubby. :wink:
  5. Queen size, with a very large headboard which is actually a mirror. There’s cupboards and drawers attached on either side of the headboard. Really, it’s a seriously big ass bed. It takes up most of the room.

1. How many pillows do you have, and what, are they body pillows? Do you use so many pillows under your head that you are going hunchback? I have two pillows that are getting kinda flat. I will buy 2 new ones soon which I will add to the bed.
2. Any cool logos or characters on your stuff? Nothing cool here. Just striped or checked sheets and a quilt.
3. What’s the bed like when you wake up? 99% of the time the fitted sheet has come off the mattress and I have to put it back on. Blanket is usually on the other half of the bed.
4. Is your bed ashamed of you? Geez I hope not.
5.Take anything cuddly to bed?(not talking blow up dolls!) both of my dogs and usually at least a cat or two crawls in later.
6. What kind of bed, or is it a bed at all? Anyone sleeping on the couch? Plain jane queen size bed with metal frame and no head board

At BF house:

1. How many pillows do you have, and what, are they body pillows? Do you use so many pillows under your head that you are going hunchback?
2 pillows that are flatter than a flatty flat flat.
2. Any cool logos or characters on your stuff? No cool logos, plain sheets and green comforter
**3. What’s the bed like when you wake up?**The comforter is on the floor and we are covered in the flat sheet
**4. Is your bed ashamed of you?**I don’t know I will have to ask him. Not sure if his bed has an opinion about me
**5.Take anything cuddly to bed?(not talking blow up dolls!)**since it is his bed I guess the cuddly thing would be me
6. What kind of bed, or is it a bed at all? Anyone sleeping on the couch? double bed, metal frame and no head board.

This is the kind of thing I mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I have 3 pillows. What are body pillows? I put my head on one, hug another and I don’t know why the third one is there.
  2. No.
  3. All the pillows and the blanket are on one side of the bed, usually against the wall.
  4. I hope not.
  5. No.
  6. It’s a queen-sized bed, all for me. My dog sleeps on the couch, unfortunately. :frowning:

This is my bed. King Size, with 6 queen size pillows on it. I have the matching end tables & dressers. The sheets on it right now have a really cool chinese/asian theme to them. The only cuddly things in my bed are either my kids, or my wife. My bed isn’t ashamed of me, but it is envious of my stamina. :smiley:

MaddMaxx , that is a rather stylish bed you’ve got there. :dubious:

The headboard looks like a park bench, though. :smiley:

Don’t mind me, I’m just jealous. If I slept in that bed it’d look like some ninja came through and chopped it in half. :o

I break everything I touch. :frowning:

What did Jesus say?

Anyway, my bed is a fullsize (just big enough for 2) mattress on boxspring on old metal frame, with 2 pillows and 2 lovely featherbeds we got from my wife’s German auntie.

The mattress and boxspring come from **Everrest ** in Seattle. Excellent quality, low price. [/endorsement]