Teddy Babes

My wife sleeps with a long “bolster” pillow. Recently, I used one, and found it very soothing to hold onto (I love holding onto Pepper Mill, too, but she gets warm in the night, and we both move around a lot. And prefer different amounts of cover.)
So I commented that a way to REALLY sell the idea to bachelors would be to put boobs on such a pillow. And maybe a butt.
So I looked, and Damned if someone hasn’t already done this:


They also have removable and cleanable vaginas. I am floored. They do look a lot less creepy than nflatable dolls, but having one of these around (among other vthings, they’re procey) has to qualify you as a high grade of loser.

What’s good for the goose… (no genitalia, though!)

I dasn’t click on your link here at work, but there was a muslin-covered wicker tube used by colonials in the tropics that came to be known as a “Dutch Wife,” which provided back support as well as an air passage on humid nights.
A Google of this term will (NSFW) reveal what Japanese ingenutiy has done to include inanimate sexual companionship along with these features.

I actually find the ‘‘severed man’s arm’’ pillow more disturbing. At least with the teddy babes you can delude yourself into thinking, ‘‘it’s just about sex.’’

The Teddy Babes idea is good…but the fact that their eyes don’t close really creeps me out.

I’m not a dude but if I was and I had one of these, even though it’d be dark I would know that my “girl” was lying there with her eyes open ALL NIGHT LONG. Eep!

Is this link SFW? Somehow I don’t think so…

The red-headed one is quite fetching. Rawwrrrrr!

I know this is wrong on so many levels. I am ashamed.

Is this link SFW? Somehow I don’t think so…


Hadn’t considered that. The first page seems to be (they’re all dressed in – you should pardon the expression - teddies on that pages), but it gets more explicit later (although we’re taling explicit plush – velour nipples and the like).

the link is SFW, just don’t click off the main page. Fake boobie alert. I am a chick and I thought about buying one until I saw the price tage. It’s a great idea – of course, I have no need for the vagina, but whatever.

I was thinking it would be a great gag gift but not at $700.00.

This is a very odd line.

This reminds me of a funny Charles Bukowski short story, in which he buys one of those inflatable female dolls in the mail, then non-chalantly walks a few blocks to a gas station to fill it up with air. Then he just walks back to his apartment with it in the middle of the day.

My brother & I discussed the plausibility of designing & manufacturing these several years ago.
We could have been rich! Rich, I say!

Certainly you guys have heard of www . realdoll . com, which is definitely NSFW! I think Howard Stern had one on his TV show set.

:eek: The prices on those certainly make the plushies look like a bargain!

Oh, man, there’s a Youtube clip from some documentary where a man introduces his new girlfriend to his cadre of Realdolls. By having a birthday party for one of them. It’s the most depressing thing ever.

I won’t link to it, because I can’t find it, but it’s just awful.

I don’t mind their eyes not closing, but I don’t like that their mouths don’t open.

Wait. Was that my out loud voice? Oops.

Those are for desparate men on a budget.

Real swinging men custom order a realdoll for $6500 give or take to fit specific tastes. Realdolls also have a cleanable vagina but 8 out of 10 men agree it is more realistic than other synthetic love companions.

Link probably not fit for work.

It’s a velvety soft Fratellis video!

I saw the whole documentary on British TV. Fascinating. Sad, but fascinating. One guy had to send his out of cleaning and…ahem…“reconditioning” and he acted like he was saying goodbye to a wife going on vacation. He also kept spare replacement vaginas because…and I quote…“You don’t want to run out of vaginas.”

“new girlfriend,” as in, flesh-and-blood woman he got a date with, or he held a birthday party for one of his old Realdolls to introduce them to his new Realdoll?

Because, sad to say, the latter seems more plausible than the former. Kinda like Jean Teasedale meets Quagmire.