And whaddaya know, she wants to change her name!

Seriously, though, I do. Loneraven is all very well, but when I first signed up, I was a message board virgin and didn’t realise that I could use (gasp) spaces and even (gasp gasp) punctuation!
Someone already had “Raven” which is what I usually go by, and “Loneraven” was (and still is) my livejournal user name, so I just typed it in the box.

But I’ve been here nearly a year now, and I don’t like the name, especially as everyone else seems to have cool names. I’ve lurked for most of my stay, but I’ve been posting more lately. I figured I might as well change it now while not many people know who I am. Could I have some suggestions, please?

Any variation on “Raven” would be nice, but I’m also asking for anything you think is cool. The only name I had seriously considered so far is Aziraphael, which is a name I’ve used on other message boards.

So, what do you think?

Also, what do I do? Just email a mod?

Email an administrator. Thumbs up for the new name, although I think Loneraven is just fine.

Yes. E-mail a mod if you want to change your username.

Ahem, as a self-proclaimed representative of the avian contingent of this board, I personally suggest keeping your name. It’s cool.

Aziraphael - eh. I saw this and read it as Azurepeel.

I also suggest you keep your name as it is.

I third the ones saying Loneraven is cool. So keep it.

If you are going through with changing your name, make up your mind quickly before Mangetout gets wind of this thread. :wink:

Did I miss a company-wide memo or something? Is he not supposed to know about name changes?

Sheesh! Spend a couple of weeks away and I miss everything.

A slight ‘in-joke’ (maybe too much so). Mangetout (he who silently let his 10.000 post pass without notice) is notorious for suggesting Atomic Badger Racing as a user name, and actively pushing for it whenever a poster is considering a name change. But hey, Loneraven, if you find that name cool, don’t let me stop you. :smiley:

A fiery cursor with a speed of light, a cloud of electrons, and a hearty ‘Hi-Yo, Silver!’.
The Loneraven.
“Hi Yo Silver, away!” With her faithful Indian companion Chintu, the daring and resourceful masked writer of the plains, led the fight for text and footnotes in the early classroom. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear. The Loneraven writes again!

Sorry. I was over exposed to Clayton Moore in my youth.

I think that Loneraven is a fine username.

tomndebb - I have an Uncle Chintu. And I’m from the sub-continent.

I wonder if that means anything?

Ah. Got it. Filing it away for future reference. Much thanked. Although, I do have to admit, Atomic Badger (sans Racing) is actually kinda interesting.

And yeah, I too thought along the Lone Ranger track when I see the name. Except I read


I’m listening to the A Shoggoth on the Roof soundtrack, and well, it just clouded my brain cell banks fer a mo.

Please resume the thread at hand.

It means I cheated. I checked your LJ just to see whether you were male or female (when I was going to end with the first “Hi Yo, Silver”) and noticed the sub-continent connection and your reference to Chintu, so I included the whole Lone Ranger opening with modifications.

Oh, but Loneraven IS cool!

Really. It just hits me as all mythic and solitary and…well…COOL!

On the other hand, I’d have to scroll up to even remember your other choice, let alone spell it. Just my Humble Op.

If I may make a suggestion, I’d like to see you with the name, “Pez D. Spencer.” What, no good? How about “Milk O. Magnesia?”

Yeah, and your name could eventually evolve into lnr!

…yeah, the old, bad jokes are the best.

Kickass avian names are definitely cool. But we won’t hold it against you if you decide to leave the flock.

Another vote for keeping loneraven – there’s something to be said for simple and pronounceable.

Ha! bet you weren’t expecting this outpouring of love for your username, were you?

Say, did anyone ever use Chicken of Bristol?

Another vote for keeping loneraven. It’s a great name! Sort of like Edgar Allen Poe meets the X-Files.

Yo, twicks! You talkin’ to me? :smiley:

Watchout for Mangetout!
He’ll be along any minute now to harrass you into changing your name to Atomic Badger Racing.

I like Loneraven too, even though you’re nothing like a writing desk. :slight_smile: