Andres Cantor is the man!

In about the only decent move NBC has made with the Olympics, I just wanted to praise the useof Andres Cantor calling soccer matches. I get way too excited when he does his signature goal call, but it works every time.

Many mathematicians are of the opinion that Georg Cantor was da man.

My husband I were just discussing how he is the only announcer on NBC covering every single soccer game played (that we’ve seen). We wondered whether he got a really big paycheck or what.

Completely off subject, but last week at my husband’s practice he was in goal while his girls took shots. When the first one finally made it in, I couldn’t resist doing my best Andres Cantor. Gosh, that was fun!

A sort of, kind of, but only tangentially related thread:

Could someone explain the attraction of soccer to me? Maybe I’m missing out on something, but the appeal of the game escapes me. I’m not being critical (I don’t see enough of it to be critical), but it seems like a very long, drawn out game with only the briefest flurries of activity. I won’t deny the fitness of the athletes, but I can’t help but be struck that I now know why there are always riots at soccer matches - someone actually scored a goal. Any helpful hints for what I should be watching for?

And please, don’t compare soccer to baseball re: length of game, levels of scoring and activity, etc. The games are too different.

It’s like ice hockey only slower and on grass with a ball and no sticks. :wink:

First, the skill involved in doing everything with your feet. Second, the game doesn’t stop except once at the half, no freakin commercial breaks.

Yeah there aren’t usually a lot of goals at top level play, but that’s not really the point.

No, actually, it’s all about teamwork and passing. It’s called “the beautiful game” for those reasons. It’s also about the variations in game speed, the missed chances, the delayed gratification (unlike basketball - dunk take three steps dunk take three steps dunk).

Also, watching certain individuals can be amazing, not just when scores are shot, but when a midfielder holds off a defender, then lobs it up right to another player who crosses to another who scores! Knowing his teammates and setting up the timing of a run, without communicating beforehand like in football. Amazing.

I could go on forever, but it’s hard to understand when you didn’t grow up playing the game. Just like I don’t really get baseball.

And remember, one reason it is so popular worldwide is because you only need one ball (made of anything) and the whole village can play. Any person, any size can be a supoerstar at the game.