Android voice input

Hello Everyone,

I have a Android phone, a Samsung Gallery III. An absolutely sweet smart phone and the best I have eve used. One feature I really have grown to like is the ability to dictate text. This can be done in almost any application, but ifs most useful tho me when text messaging.

The problem I have is I can’t figure out how to insert punctuation like periods and question marks, or how to start a none paragraph via voice commands. This would be most helpful as line area this Galaxy doesn’t excel in is Swype word recognition. My android tablets get few words wrong, but I’m constantly correcting when using Swype on the phone. The choice input seems tho be remarkably accurate. Punctuation would be a plus!

Huh - on mine, I say the punctuation word - for example: “Do you need a ride question mark” comes out “Do you need a ride?”

Tried that, it just types out “question mark”.:smack:

Just say the following to get an idea of how to insert punctuations and breaks.

“This is the first day of the rest of my life comma so can I go outside to play question mark new line new line no comma you may not exclamation point”

Hope this helps

Thanks for the advice, will try it tomorrow morning. I just tried it on my tablet and it worked with no problem. As you can see from my OP, the Swype on the phone can be frustrating. It’s close, but without a careful proofread before hitting submit leads to people thinking I’m a moron when it comes to spelling.

I’m pretty sure I have the exact same phone (Samsung Galaxy ) and I just say "period ", “comma” etc.

Often it’s quicker for me to just type what I want bc the voice to text is often unreliable and slow.

This worked for me…I learned something today! (And you’d think I’d know how to use a cell phone…)

Any tricks to forcing a capital letter?


I find it to be very accurate, even when I speak faster than a normal pace. I’m very impressed with it. I dictate entire paragraphs with no errors.

I think it may depend on which application you’re using. For email, Tapatalk, and other forums, capitalization at the beginning works.

For Polaris Office, it doesn’t seem to capitalize the very first word that I dictate in the document so, as a workaround, I begin documents with a period and delete it later. For example, for a document beginning: Your draft proposal is due on Monday. We look forward to discussing it., I say “period your draft proposal is due on monday period we look forward to discussing it period” Capitalization is always automatically succeeded by a preceding period or exclamation mark, so I only have to do this once per document.

Another thing that may help is to try to dictate at a normal speed. Speaking too slowly seems to confuse the process.

For help on the technical side, check these settings:

Settings/language and input. Under keyboards and input methods, select the setting gear adjacent to Samsung Keyboard, then select Advanced. Make sure that Auto capitalization is checked.


Settings/language and input. Under keyboards and input methods, select the setting gear adjacent to Swype, then Preferences. In the Advanced settings section, make sure that Auto capitalization is checked.


Settings/language and input. Under keyboards and input methods, in the Speech section, select Text-to-speech output, and ensure that the Speech rate is set to Normal.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Onomatopoeia.
I guess works just like it sounds!


I think they have improved the voice input a lot in the last 6 months or so. It used to be decent but now it’s great. I use it all the time now and on my 2 year old Motorola Photon running Android 2.3, I can say: “What’s up question mark” and it writes “What’s up?”

OP, my guess is if you keep correcting the “question mark” and changing it to “?”, it might figure it out. Also try pausing slightly before you say “question mark.”

I know how Victor Borge would do it.