Andy, Johnny, Venus, Herb, Les or the Big Guy?

Well, ladies?

oooo, Johnny.

Must go with Johnny. I was 11 when it finally made it over to Ireland. I thought he was the coolest thing ever (even moreso than the Fonz).

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.

When the show first aired = Andy; I was in elementary school and he seemed the least “threatening” I guess.

When I first saw it in syndication = Johnny; The fact that he went after Bailey was a delightful twist to me, a nerdy chick in high school/college at the time.

Now = Venus; He’s cool, he’s smart, he’s funny, and of course, he’s teh sex. :wink:

Venus. No contest.

Andy or Johnny, either one. (What can I say, I have more than one side to my personality.)

While forcing Andy to prance around naked, I’d be drinking a beer with Johnny and discussing music with Venus.

What? No write-in votes for Bucky Dornster?

Oooh. Johnny! Yep, that’s who I’d choose. But then I might just have a thing for older, slightly graying, womanizing disc jockeys. I worked with a guy in my first radio job who was a real life Dr. Johnny Fever. I had a thing for him to.

Johnny or Venus mmmmmmm

Definitely Johnny.

Jennifer, before the breast reduction surgery. Natch.


or Venus (if he used his DJ voice) :smiley:

Bailey, if she’s prepared.

Andy! Andy! Andy!


Definitely something along those lines. Andy was best to look at, Johnny the best to party with, and Venus the best to have a conversation with.

Ooh – subtle Batman humor there, JT.

I’ve been online for a number of years now.

In my wanderings, I’ve seen…things. Oily, foul-smelling perversions that stain the mind and debase the soul. Paintings… photographs… thoughts… practices… hairstyles…a kaleidoscope of the human animal at its most base.

It is for this reason that I* know … somewhere* in this community is a woman or man who…in their darkest moments…in their most frantic and shameful nightmares…
…wants Herb.

Please don’t disappoint me.


Bailey and Venus.
But not at the same time.