Andy, Johnny, Venus, Herb, Les or the Big Guy?

Well then, today is your lucky day neofishboy! When I read the OP, I gave it some serious thought, and decided I’d go with Herb. And I’m not even that ashamed of it either. I bet under that polyester exterior, Herb’s got some serious kink going on. The polyester itself is a serious kink.

The Big Guy? Herb? Les???.

You know, when people ask the Bailey or Jennifer question, no one ever includes Mrs. Carlson as a choice.

It will always be Venus.
Nobody is going to say Herb. Come on.

Well I’ll be darned.

Yeah, it surprised me, too!

Well, it depends what you think I’d want Herb for.

While Andy was prancing around naked, and Johnny and Venus were occupied with the beer and conversation, I’d have Herb outside the room scaring away other women who might intrude on my little fantasy scenario.

And Les would be in the kitchen organizing my pantry closet.

But If I had to choose just one, I’d probably pick Andy.

Rats. There goes my next thread idea.
Note to self: Prepare “Ginger, Mrs. Howell or Mary Ann” thread

Bailey and Andy. At the same time. In the hot tub.

Oh, was that too much information? :o

Afterward, I’d let Bailey & Andy sleep, have Les rearrange my sock drawer and have Venus, Johnny and The Big Guy over to eat pizza, talk and play some no-limit Texas Hold’em.

Or you could drink beer with Herb, discuss music with Les and have the Big Guy prance around naked.

There are certain emails one should never get. One including the above text heads the list.