Let's recast WKRP

If we were to recast WKRP today, who should assume the key roles? Here are my thoughts.
Venus Flytrap: We need someone who’s smooth, intelligent and articulate, and who loves music. Oh, and this person should presumably be black. I hereby nominate Wayne Brady.

Les Nessman: We need someone who’s quirky and funny, and who does “socially awkward” well. Baldness is a plus, so Colin Mochrie is my choice.

Herb Tarlek: For sleaziness and for his chemistry with Colin Mochrie, I choose ** Ryan Stiles**.

Andy Travis: Funny, good-looking, clean-cut, in good physical shape. I pick Chip Esten.

Dr. Johnny Fever: Must be capable of doing both subtle humor and wacky comedy. I figure that either Greg Proops or Brad Sherwood can fill this role.

The Big Guy: I think that Drew Carey has the right look.
Jennifer Marlowe: Unfortunately, nobody suitable comes to mind. Pamela Anderson has the right combination of physical stature and plasticness, but she’s just not right for the role (and besides, I can’t stand her). We want someone who’s curvy and statuesque, but who still conveys elegance and intelligence.

Bailey Quarters: Even more difficult, as Jan Smithers is a tough act to follow. We need someone who can blend into the background, but who still oozes with subtle, smouldering beauty and sex appeal. I’m drawing a blank here.
Any ideas, people?

Why mess with greatness? Also, this might give someone a bad idea to actually try and remake the series.

That’s already been done.

I think you’ve been watching a little too much Who’s Line… there J.

Les Nessman: John Lithgow

Jennifer Marlowe: Megan Mullally

Bailey Quarters: Zooey Deschanel
Still thinking about the others.

Wouldn’t it be better to cast it with unknowns the way the original show was? That way we could watch them develop personalities without any preconceptions.

Wayne Brady smooth??? Yer Bogarting the spliff there, dude. I think Wayne’s appeal is that he is anything but smooth - he’s the class clown type.
The perfect current Venus Flytrap, limiting ourselves to black actors, would be Laurence Fishburne.


**JThunder ** has been watching a lot of “Whose Line” hasn’t he? :smiley:

Wayne Brady can be smooth when he wants to. Sure, he can act like the class clown, but he can also tone it down and still be funny.

Oh, and Robot Arm… good call! While nobody can truly fill Jan Smither’s shoes, I think that Zooey Deschanel is a truly inspired choice.

Having seen Wayne Brady as Billy Flynn in Chicago, I can tell you he is smooooth when he wants to be.

Venus Flytrap: Alex Desert – music/hipness bona fides from High Fidelity and Swingers

Les Nessman: Rainn Wilson a.k.a Dwight Schrute

Herb Tarlek: ?

Andy Travis: Ryan Gosling

Dr. Johnny Fever: Jack Black

Arthur P. Carlson: ?
Jennifer Marlowe: Heather Graham

Bailey Quarters: Michelle Williams

Using JThunder’s actors- I’d have put Brad Sherwood, *before * he gained all that weight, as Andy
And Colin Mochrie would have to play Mr Carlson, who is completely missing from JT’s list
Which leaves Les Nessman to be played by Gregg Proops (either shaved or not - just because the original Nessman was thinning doesn’t mean ours has to be)

But in all honesty, if we’re talking human actors, I have to agree with Lochdale. However, check this out.

Venus Flytrap: Samuel L Jackson
Les Nessman: Curtis Armstrong
Herb Tarlek: William Shatner
Andy Travis: Sebastian Bach
Dr. Johnny Fever: Woody Harrelson
The Big Guy: Hardy Rawls
Jennifer Marlowe: Anna Nicole Smith
Bailey Quarters: Alyson Court

Whadda ya mean, “missing”? Who else do you think I meant by “The Big Guy”?

Sorry - Brain not functioning (lack of sleep) - I did not equate TBG with MrCarlson

How about Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Radio WKRP?

I never really liked Carol Bruce as Mama Carlson. They really needed more of a Sylvia Sidney type.

Bailey Quarters - Jenna Fischer

I guess it doesn’t help that I know only 1-in-10 of the names mentioned in this thread. I guess I don’t watch enough TV. I’ll consider that a good thing.

Having said that:
Bailey Quarters: Alyson Hannigon

I thought about Alyson Hannigan as well – in fact, she was the first person who came to mind for playing Bailey. Honestly though, I think that Zooey Deschanel would be a better choice.

I’ve got to say it again… Brilliant selection, Robot Arm!

Oh, and I neglected to mention Diedrich Bader as another candidate for playing Johnny Fever.

In case I’m not being whooshed . . . they DID have Sylvia Sidney in the pilot.

How about Fred Willard as Herb Tarlek? Too old for the purposes of the OP?