AngelicGemma: Was that you?

Have you ever had one of those moments when you spot someone on the street, think you know them and when you start talking to them they turn out to be a complete stranger.

Pretty embarrassing, huh?

Well I think I may have just had one of those moments…online.


How can a person get mixed up online? Well I’ll tell you.

Your present protagonist, one nocturnal_tick, is happily perusing when he spots a certain gem3 has observed his profile recently. Curious, our young Mr. Tick checks her profile and finds, rather circumstantially, that she is the same age, from the same county and goes to the same University as one AngelicGemma. Logic and deduction begin to emerge and a little mouse smells cheese at the other end of the maze.

“Of course!” our young protagonist exclaims, “gem3 is none other than AngelicGemma

So young Mr. Tick sends a friendly hello to his fellow doper, with a sly joke about sending it to the wrong person, and goes on his merry way. But alas, with all protagonists, a snag. It seems gem3 may be taking a Forensic Science course.

“Funny,” he thinks, “AngelicGemma isn’t studying that”

Realisation dawns on him. Perhaps the duo are not one, but a duo indeed and young Mr. Tick in his brash haste has come out with the proverbial egg all over his face. Face now rosy he turns to his only hope.

AngelicGemma,” he cries into the electronic night, “Was that you?”


Good to see you’re still with us nocturnal_tick. I was worried you’d be all Mr. Smartypants-I-Go-To-University and leave us dopers in your dust.

Well, there’s a nifty way to introduce yourself to unknown young ladies! :slight_smile: So, I hope all is going well, ivory tower-wise, so far?

Nah, I still love y’all. :smiley:

But alas, when I turn up in halls I’m gonna have to give up the luxury of broadband and settle for (gulp) dial-up.

:eek: :frowning:

Cool! A thread all about… ME! :smiley:

And it wasn’t me, btw. :slight_smile: But nevermind!

Internet access in the halls is laughable. You’ll see the “WE WANT BROADBAND” posters all over the university, assuming they wern’t taken down over the summer.

Yeah I know now AG and I have seen those signs. Way to fight the man!

I got told by gem3 just now…wait a minute, your on at the same time. Why it’s nothing but an elaborate scheme to try and trick me…ahhh who am I kidding.

BTW, AG you’d better keep your eyes peeled because it sounds like you’ve got a doppelganger. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Damn doppelgangers! Always causing trouble…