Animal House: What did Bluto yell before everone drops down on the floor and shakes?

In the movie Animal House, the Delta House toga party is going full blast, and the dance floor is packed while the band gives its very considerable all. Suddenly Bluto yells something at the top of his lungs, and then the next thing you know everyone’s on their backs shaking as if they have epilepsy.

So…what did Bluto say?

There’s a discussion of this here. The consensus seems to be that he shouts “gator.”

I agree, I had always heard it as ‘gator’.

There’s a discussion of this? Doesn’t anyone do the Alligator anymore?

No joke. It’s right there in the Preppy Handbook. Wish I could find my copy so I could cite a page #.

Yes, I own the Preppy Handbook. Yes, I once made people call me Muffy.

Let’s not forget that classic song by The Eagles:

*"There was beer all over the dance floor,
And the band was playing rhythm ‘n’ blues
You got down and did the Gator
And half an hour later
You were barfing all over your girlfriend’s shoes

Cause the Greeks don’t want no freaks…"*

Page 111, under Deviant Behavior.


I did a 'gator once. Hurt like hell and now I’m not welcome in half of south Florida.

Deviant behavior indeed.

We did the same thing at our prom. However, somone yelled “Turtle!” and not “Gator!”

Never mind. Just read pinkfreud’s link.

We called it the “tuna”

You called what ‘tuna,’ exactly?

What is this “gator” of which you speak?


I’ve gatored in some pretty disgusting places - more muck and mung and the floor than I care to admit.

(The Gator is a sort of dance where you fall to the floor and writhe around - it only had entertainment value if you’re really drunk)

The fun part was really watching everyone try to get up afterwards.

What did you make them call your Muffy?

We did that in high school to Rock Lobster when Fred says “down…down

A piano, maybe?

I found my copy much later - yep, happily sandwiched between “Mooning” and “Fountain Jumping!”

Heh - DH has been giving me fits since we passed a muffler place whose motto is…“No Muff Too Tuff.”