See you later, Alligator rhymes

We’ve had fun inventing new rhymes to say to our kids over the past month and I was curious if anyone had any good ideas for new ones?

So far we have:
After while crocodile.
Over and out, rainbow trout.
Don’t get lost, albatross.
Keep it real, harbor seal.
Come back soon, baboon.

The more obscure the animal, the better! as well as keeping the meter.

We shall see, wallaby.
Take it slow, ya big hippo!
Toodle-oo, caribou.
Hate to go, bonobo.
Ciao, cow.
Auf vidersain, crane.

One we use a lot with the kids:

Good thinkin’, Lincoln!

I wish you luck filled matter fuss, duck billed platypus!

One we use that doesn’t rhyme at all:

Good point, Dexter!

Ya know what I mean, jelly bean?

These are all great! Thanks.
Another one I forgot earlier that is pertinent to us:

Are you taking the Honda, Anaconda?

Guess what? Chicken butt.

From the song “Manana Iguana” by Bobby McFerrin

Shut the Door, Matador
Lets Go, Flamingo

(It) Ain’t no thang but a chiicken wang.
I’m outty like Curt Gowdy.

ETA: Shoulda read OP fully. I thought you wanted sayings that rhymed.