Variations of "See you later, alligator"?

Lately, when dropping off the female subordinate Claus at school, she has been proclaiming “See you later, alligator”. I usually respond with the normal “after while, crocodile”, but will occassionally offer a variant such as “toodle-oo, buckeroo”, or “bye-bye, butterfly”. A google search mainly turns up references to the lyrics of the Bill Haley and the Comets song, but I did find this list:

See you later, alligator
After while, crocodile
Bye-bye, butterfly
Give a hug, ladybug
Toodle-oo, kangaroo
See you soon, raccoon
So long, King Kong
Be sweet, parakeet
Take care, polar bear

Do any of you teeming millions have any to add so that I can expand the variety of my responses and broaden my child’s horizons?


see you later, calculator
later skater

'at’s all I gots

That’s that, Kitty Cat
you could also compile a list of “what’s going on?” rhymes

What’s the word, Hummingbird?
What’s the story, Morning Glory?

(there’s one or two more from the first song in Bye Bye Birdie, but I don’t remember then OTTOMH)

See you soon, you big baboon.

i remembered another one

What’s the tale, Nightengale?

so for b’bye - you get

Gotta bail, Nightengale!

My mother would say, “After a bit, crock of shit.”

How now, Brown Cow
Till then, Penguin
Hasta Manana, Iguana

So sad, Galahad
Tough break, rattlesnake
Get real, Glockenspiel

None of which are appropriate or relevant to the OP. duh. Sorry, I just had another old rock n roll tune in mind, and sort of vomited these out.

I like to say “see ya later, crocodile”, then watch the waves of confusion rolling in.

I always heard/said it as;

In a while, crocodile

Of my own invention:

See you later, perpetrator.

After awhile, pedophile.

And a friend of mine always says “Bye sickle.”

I found two more:

Gotta go, buffalo.

Can’t stay, blue jay.

And if we don’t strictly adhere to the animal theme we can do things like:

See you soon, macaroon.

Adios, amoeba.

that reminds me of
“hasty banana!”

And at our house, putting our boys down for bed, there’s always:

“Good night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite.”

“Goodnight, Johnboy.”

“Go away now, cow”

Nitey nite, flying kite

gotta flee, bumblebee