Animation Domination - 10/30/11

Well, how can I put this? When the best of the bunch was The Cleveland Show, you know the prime time cartoons are in trouble.

The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror #Whatever”: Talk about phoning it in. I raised an eyebrow at Bart’s avatar apparently having sex. I mean, Bart is only ten years old according to the show. Still, yawn to all three stories.

The Alan Gregory debut: Utter crap. Really, really obnoxious. This monstrosity was even worse than that cartoon series the Arrested Development people made, “Stand…Something or Other”. I can’t even remember the title, it was so bad. But it was still better than this thing.

Family Guy: Christ, when you’re sitting there wondering why they didn’t name Quagmire’s sister Glenda instead of Brenda, so you could have Glen and Glenda, you know the show sucked.

The Cleveland Show: I actually laughed. So the evening wasn’t a total waste.

i missed the first 10 minutes of family guy so maybe all the good jokes were up front but it doesn’t sound like it. i don’t think i laughed once. i thought famguy’s been having an ok season so far so hopefully this doesn’t continue.

The trailer for Allen Gregory had me excited. The show itself sucked big donkeyballs. Maybe it will get better but I doubt it.

I won’t be able to watch any of em til tomorrow…I’m just popping in right now to say that usually I have to make the Animation Domination thread. Nice to see that somebody else still watches =)

I really wanted to like “Allen Gregory,” so it’s too bad that it sucked. During the first two minutes I thought it was over the top and obnoxious, then told myself not to let a poor first impression sour things, but it never really picked up, save for one or two ha-ha moments.

The trailer for Allen Gregory had me thinking “This looks utterly dire. I guess someone must find this appealing, but I sure don’t.” So I didn’t watch it.

Of the others: Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror? Maybe not the worst ToH ever, but certainly down there. Family Guy? If you asked 100 Family Guy fans what they want to see in an episode, I’m sure 99 of them would say “A bunch of domestic violence, and Quagmire killing a guy. Yeah, pretty much an episode full of that.”

I’m not ruling out Allen Gregory yet. I agree that the characters were obnoxious but that doesn’t mean they can’t be funny. I have no problems with a British-style comedy where we laugh at unlikeable characters. That said, you often can’t judge a series by its pilot. The pilot episode’s job is to introduce the characters and situation. Future episodes will tell us if they can make something of it.

I skipped Allen Gregory (that’s the one with the kid, right), it just looked stupid. I didn’t have any intention of watching that since I first started seeing the commercials.
As for Family Guy, it seemed like a “Very Special Episode” and wasn’t all that impressive.

The trailer led me to believe we were going to watch Allen Gregory learn to interact with normal society but the show itself seems to be saying watch as we turn the entire school into an extension of his homelife. And the relationship between his dad and Jeremy squicks me out.

As a die-hard Simpsons’ fan who falls into the “it’s still better than most stuff on tv” category, even I thought THoH XXII sucked. Where was the scary? Or horror? And the stories seemed so short and cut off. When each one ended, I was like “that’s it?” It was the meh-est episode I’ve seen.

That’s what I would have asked for.

Yep, I saw that trailer and immediately wanted to kick that kid in the balls. It looks like they made a sitcom centered around Kyle’s annoying cousin from South Park.

Good golly, Allen Gregory was ghastly. I felt like the writing staff had come into my apartment and slapped me in the face. Didn’t even make it all the way through the episode.

This leaves The Simpsons and *Futurama *as the only cartoons I watch, and even those just when I remember they’re on and not a rerun.

Ok…back with opinions

Simpsons: Holy hell did that suck. I didn’t laugh once, barely cracked a smile even…unless these are parodies that I am either too young or too ignorant to get, I saw absolutely nothing in this episode.

Family Guy: Pretty run of the mill Family Guy episode. I don’t put it past Seth to have an episode focusing on a bad issue (domestic violence) and having a zany resolve (murder). I didn’t think it was that funny, but Family Guy is pretty hit and miss anyway…did Brian even have a line???

Allen Gregory: I didn’t even watch it…thought it looked horrid

Cleveland: Pretty funny…a good halloween episode. I liked the story cuz it was halloween themed but somehow not stupid.

Overall a pretty bad night. Let’s hope for next week and does this mean Bob’s Burgers is gone?!?! I certainly hope not! I loved that!

The Simpsons was terrible, gone are the days when you can say, at least the “treehouse” ones are still good

Yeah, I was thinking that too. I mean, are we swaping a good show like Bob’s Burgers for a chunk of shit like Allen Gregory? I will be so pissed! WTF is wrong with the morons at Fox?

Bob’s Burgers was given a second season and Fox recently expanded the order of episodes to a full 22.

But it doesn’t come back until after the holidays.

I laughed exactly one time during the Simpsons, when they spoofed the “DEA” scene from Breaking Bad. Then they went on and on with it like a bad SNL sketch and I regretted my laugh.

I’ve just finished watching this episode, and I have to say, I actually liked it.

They covered a serious issue, and didn’t play the violence for slapstick laughs, they highlighted shortcomings in the law, and I didn’t find the ending too zany, if someone was brutally abusing my little sister then I would try to protect her.

The jokes were funny and the intervention scene was just perfect, from Meg’s “advice” to Peter order and his impatience. I think the seriousness was appropriate, and it shows even more depth to the Q-man.

The first episode of the series was utterly terrible though.