Animatrix 2: Program(spoilers)

Well, I liked it even better than the first one. This one actually took place in a computer simulation for the most part and had the feel of the movie.

Anyway, the ending was quite lame but the rest of it was really good. I would have liked it better if it had all been for real and she was stuck without an exit forever.

I know, I’m morbid but it would have played better.

I enjoyed the art style of this particular episode, but I prefer the story of the 1st one where robot boobies run amok!

All in all, fantastic production values on these things, getting Squaresoft to do Eye of Osris was genius.

How did you see it already? Dreamcatcher isn’t out yet.

Grab it here.

Just got the link from a buddy on IM ( and watched it, liked it more than the first one much better animation for starters.

I agree that the “twist” ending was terrible. The rest was highly excellent, though.

Many Thanks!

Besides, I think the one in front of Dreamcatcher is not this one, but another one.