Anime question...what kind of coat is this?

Pardon my posting, but I just have to ask…what kind of coat is this anime gentleman wearing? I’ve seen it in at LEAST three different anime so far. The colors are usually different, but the cut is always the same. Is this an actual clothing design, or are the uses of this coat just parodying or paying homage to a costume from some other anime show or movie?

Well, thanks for your time,

Its also used in video games quite a bit.
All the GBA Castlevania protagonists wear that coat,also Dante from Devil May Cry.
My guess is its just a cool,kinda gothic looking trench coat.

If i had to guess,i’d say it was inspired by Neo’s coat at the end of the Matrix.

It’s your standard anime trenchcoat. An available option is the matching cloak, which billows dramatically at appropriate moments. Warning! Only approved for bishounen!

If you want one, I think the closest you’re gonna get is this place. (As seen on Slashdot! :), Matrix™ style also available)

Speculation, but it seems like a combination of a Matrix trenchcoat with the standard boy’s high school uniform. Particularly the high collar and the buttons going down the front.