Ankle bracelets are cute.. . .BUT ON A DUDE?????????????

Imagine my horror Saturday night as I dropped some money on the bar floor . . bent to pick it up . . . and saw this black ankle bracelet.

Now normally, I’d assume this was the end of long silky shaved leg of a hot college girl . . until I saw hair.

As I looked up in horror . .I saw more hair . . then a DUDE IN A BASEBALL CAP!!!

Is it now socially acceptable for guys to wear ankle decorations? I mean, Dude wasn’t wearing a 14K ankle bracelet or anything that would get his ASS kicked in the local scumbag biker bar, it was more like a thing you find in a 25 cent bubblegum machine or a rubber band.

But still, culture shock set in . . .


Hey, everyone has their own personal sense of style.
Maybe his kid gave it to him or something shrug


Hey… I know a dude who has an anklet and it looks rather sharp on him. It’s not anything feminine but it’s cool.

You mean you straight guys are just now catching on with the whole anklet thing? :rolleyes: First it’s disco, then it’s earrings… cripes, can’t you keep up?

It is sooooooooo hard being fashionably gay anymore! <sigh>

Esprix, with a hearty :wink:

Well, I don’t think tiaras would ever catch on with the straight dudes . . .

Except for the fact that no small number of transvestites are straight.

But anyhow…

Great tolerant thread you started here, guy. Gives me hope that a good proportion of men don’t hold on to nasty gender stereotypes.

Oh, wait - no, it totally DOESN’T. My mistake.

OK, I’ll clarify. I was thinking of straight, non-cross-dressing dudes.

FWIW, to me an ankle bracelet doesn’t seem so strange on a guy, no matter what gender/sexual issues are involved. Men of all kinds wear rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings; an ankle bracelet isn’t that much different from those pieces of jewelry. So what. I don’t think the guy mentioned in the OP would even have jumped out at me. Unless it was a really cool anklet – then I might have complimented him on it. :wink:

Puh-LEEZE, honey, get over yourself. Lots of straight dudes wear ankle bracelets. I’ve seen those Guatemalan woven ankle bands on guys at Dead and Phish shows, for example. Not to mention, I’ve seen a ton of tattooed ankle decorations on straight guys.

Dude, I hang out in biker bars, and bikers tend to be pretty tolerant guys. Watch who you call scumbag!


Is it really that different from me wearing the braided anklet that one of my kids made for me? I never thought it looked ‘girlie’, just cool.