Ladies: The Ankle Bracelet Question

I know this has absolutely no social significance whatsowever, but…do you wear an ankle bracelet on the inside or outside of stockings?

Depends. If it is a chunkier anklet, like diamonds, outside. If it a smooth, flat gold chain, inside is fine. IMO, anyway.

Miss Manners said it is worn on the wrist :slight_smile:

I think outside of the stocking, but only if it is sheer like nylons and not opaque like tights. I would not wear an ankle bracelet with opaque stockings.

Outside of stockings, never with tights. :smiley:

My uninvited perspective:

Ankle braclet = Sexxxy
Ankle braclet INSIDE of the pantyhose = Stuuupid.

Always outside. Same goes for ankle cuffs.

I personally think ankle bracelets are tacky especially if worn with stockings but if you must wear them they definately need to be on the outside of stockings. Just my opinion of course. :slight_smile:

Outside. Always.

I refuse to wear stockings, or tights. I do wear ankle bracelets, though.

Never with stockings. Especially never with tights.

But if you were going to, with stockings, it would have to be on the outside. Definitely.

…where do we sign up to inspect the bracelets?

I so need a digital camera.

Agreed, 100%

I’m also with outside. I don’t think that they look good all smushed up inside of stockings.


I never wear stocking or tights but if I did it would be outside.

Question: Why is it so hard to find an anklet that actually fits my ankle? I managed to find one but I haven’t found another since. The ‘average’ anklet seems to be slightly bigger than my fist… just big enough to fall off easily. It would never fit around my ankle.

I know exactly what you mean. Unless it is custom made, it almost never fits my ankle. I found out that the average size they make, at least from the several places I checked, is about 9 inches.

I had this English teacher in eighth grade who wore her ankle bracelet inside her pantyhose and it really bugged the hell out of me. I hated the bitch, too, so I can’t stand to see an anklet on the inside.

I agree with Edwardina.

An ankle bracelet with stockings is just a bit much. I’m part of the less is more crowd when it comes to jewelry, usually.

I currently wear an ankle bracelet, but it is summer, and the one I have is a fun, funky type. I would never dream of wearing it to an occasion that required stockings.

Bottom line-stockings=no ankle bracelet, but if you absolutely must, then most definately on the outside.

Oooo I love ankle bracelets :slight_smile: I’m not sure I would ever wear it UNDER hose though. I think it would look a bit weird especially with it flattened up against your skin like that. I would wear it outside…