Stockings and suspenders

So I’ve got it in my head that wearing those might be a fun idea.

But it’s making me a bit nervous, so here are some burning questions.

For people who have tried them:

Do they actually work or do you tights keep falling down? Are they very fussy compared to normal tights? Are there any brands/types/makes that work better than others?

For people who have seen them on others:

Would you think a someone wearing these looked eccentric/sexy/like a mad auntie/like a slut/other - please specify.

If it matters, I’m female.


For the most part, if I’m going to be going out, I wear stay up stockings, if I’m not… I’ll wear a garter belt. Sometimes I wear a garter belt, with stay up stockings out. (Something more like the “Signature Embroidery” belt or the “Lace Waist Cincher” then the others, that design works better if you are going to be on the move, wearing one for a while I’ve found.) You could always start out with a pair of these, to see if you might like an actual garter belt. :wink:

For the UK-impaired, the OP is talking about stockings and garter belts.

I find them relatively comfortable, but generally prefer tights (hose). The straps on the suspenders will sometimes twist around my leg, which drives me nuts. They seem to stay up fine, but they’re definitely fussier.

I have no real opinion on whether they’re sexy. Some guys seem to think so. If you’re wearing them under “regular” clothing, no one’s going to know. If you’re wearing them to prance about in private, there’s certainly a sexier tone.

Male here.

I think they are sexy.

My wife thinks they make her legs look like they are enclosed in sausage casings.

I’d say it’s an issue for each individual woman. My wife has a bit of weight in the upper legs/posterior region, so I can see this being true. The ladies in Victoria’s Secret catalogs seem to have the right bodies for them.

But on the other hand… I think flannel nightgowns are sexy, so what do I know! :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay up stockings are the way to go.

Heh, that really gave me a mental image, “stockings with suspenders.” haha. I could just picture those hideous suspenders that Robin Williams used to wear attached to a pair of lacy stockings. :smiley:

Male here. I think the stockings & garter belt combo are sexy as hell. I don’t consider that “slutty” at all, I tend to think of it as more classicly sexy. I also think dressing a little slutty on occasion is not necessarily a bad thing either IMO. If you have pictures I’d be more than happy to give them a quick look and give you my opinion. : )

He: If I’d known you were a virgin, I’d have taken more time.
She: If I’d known you had more time, I’d have taken off my pantyhose.
As a guy, I vote for garter belt and stockings. Besides, if you get a run, you only lose half a pair.

I think stockings with garters are sexy. The only time I have not is when a woman was wearing them with a skirt that was just slightly too short, so you saw a stripe of white, white skin between the top of the black stocking and the dark skirt. That said, however, she had no shortage of dance partners that evening.

When you buy the suspenders (giggle, giggle, I can’t get over the American idea of this) make sure the little sliding buckles lie flat, as flat as the little sliding buckles on your bra-straps. You will end up sitting on the little sliding buckles, so check for rough edges or obvious ways for them to become undone if caught on fabric.

Also, on the same note as The Devil’s Grandmother, make certain you sit down, and bend/crouch in the garter belt before you go out, so you can get the garters adjusted to the proper tension, just in case you find yourself needing to pick up something you dropped. It’s embarassing to feel one of the buckles give as you sit down in church. :o (It was the first time I’d worn one out, and I hadn’t considered that they might come loose when I sat down, I had a run in my last pair of stay ups, with no mate for the whole stocking, but I did have some plain stockings of the appropriate color.)

Stockings and garters are definitely sexy! like Madd Maxx says, I don’t consider them slutty, more Audrey Hepburn/Marylin Monroe kind of sexy.


As a guy, I vote for sexy.

That is exactly what I thought of, too. Funny.

I love stockings (and so does my man). You can get stockings that have a garter belt attached, so that’s a little easier. I think they really help even large legs since it smooths your leg out and trims it down a bit.

I want to know just what is wrong with looking like a slut?? :dubious: :smiley:

Garter belts, IMHO, are the invention of the devil. They are uncomfortable and (assuming you have the shape to do so otherwise) you can’t wear a short skirt or dress. But mostly they are uncomfortable.

:eek: Get thee behind me Satan! (although not too close i I’m bending over and wearing supenders. :))

If anything is the work of the devil it is pantyhose (or the UK equivilent which I guess is just tights). Horrible things which are uncomfortable in there own right and which interfere with normal sexual congress…which was why you put on the stockings to begin with wasn’t it??

If you worry about having to adjust your stockings in public…don’t worry, it will drive him crazy.

How good your legs look in garter belts and stockings depends on the shape of the leg. Personally, my legs, even at my thinnest, have pockets of fat at the very top, and garter belts and stockings just emphasize this figure flaw on me. YMMV.

Then again, as one woman put it on another message board: “It really doesn’t matter how you think you look when you’re wearing something like a garter belt and stockings, or thigh high boots, or a bustier or whatever. What matters is HE takes a look at it and short circuits!”

Guy here - stockings do nothing for me, sorry! However, if my SO made an effort to dress up in such a way, it’s not like I’d be disappointed :wink: . They’re certainly sexier than tights after all, but why cover those lovely legs at all?

I’ve worn them because I hate hose, but sometimes you need to have your legs covered, and you need to wear a dress.

Be careful choosing dress fabrics, because the suspenders can show through and it looks like you have 4 tumours on the fronts and backs of your legs.

(Heavier fabrics are better. Or very loose, flowey ones.)

I wore them for a while (it was a phase) but then I stopped because my skirts were either a) too short, b) too tight, or c) both of the above. They work well with long, full skirts, but anything kind of tighter or shorter and I felt like I was announcing too much about my underwear choices to people who really didn’t need to know.

That said, under the right skirts, they weren’t any problem, and no more trouble than tights. The biggest issue was finding stockings that fit. If you have long legs, it’s going to be more difficult to locate a pair. One-size-fits-all is a lie. A horrible mean lie, especially early in the morning when you’re trying to get dressed.
And “stay up stockings,” don’t. (or they cut off your circulation… one or the other)

Thanks for the helpful replies.

Sorry about the language confusion. Didn’t realise there was one at all in this case. But it seems that it caused amusement in its own right.

Musing on the “fat legs” issue. I was kind of hoping that this would be less of an issue with suspenders/garters than hold ups because the stockings are held up by the garters rather than elastic which would presumably have a worse “overspill” effect because they would need to pinch the legs in order to stay up. My legs aren’t skinny, but then I’m the kind of person who doesn’t want to miss out on things just because I’m not “model looking”, so I will wear a lot of things anyway. Within limits.

Anaamika: Good point! :smiley: