Ann Arbor Dopefest in June! Who's in?

I’m visiting my brother in Ann Arbor, MI. on the weekend of June 7. I was thinking of Lunch at Zingerman’s and Dinner at the Ann Arbor Brewing Company, but I’m open to other stuff. What day is best for all you fabulous Ann Arborieans?

I’m not an Ann Arborian, but I’m only an hour away and I would love to meet up with my fellow Michiganders for a day of eating and heavy petting…errr I mean conversation.

Yeah, Zingermans whomps some ass. Where in Michagan are you, Shadowfox? Im in south lyon, if you know where that is.

Works for me, assuming I’m in town! We’ve got a nice SE Michigan contingent. There are some Northern Ohio Dopers that aren’t half-bad, either.

I’m in.

And DanWPsl? This may freak you out completely…but I’m SLHS, class of 1985. Drop me an email sometime! :slight_smile:

I’m in Fraser, which is about 5 miles north of Detroit. According to Mapquest, I’m about 45 miles northeast from where you’re at. I’ve never been to South Lyon, but I’m sure it’s lovely.

If I have a car by then, I’d love to join you!

I might possibly be up for this.

I’m in! I can walk to Zingerman’s from my house. Unless it’s sunday… sunday’s don’t usually work for me.

You won’t believe how Arbor brewing co. has grown… they bought another building on the same block and it’s now 3 storefronts wide.

Persephone… Thats messed up, but quite a bit younger than you. Where abouts in south lyon did you live? god, i never thought id meet a doper that even knew what the hell South Lyon was. And its pretty funny that you’re in flint now, too, cuz im there ALL the time. one of my favorite bands plays in flint 3-4 times a month, and im at all of their shows.

This has definite possibilities.

Actually the Ann Arbor Dopefest is this coming weekend.


That might work. Ann Arbor is right on the way back to the parent’s house, and on a weekend… hmmm…

I don’t know my way around Ann Arbor though, where’s the brewing co at?

BTW, nothing beats my Bell’s beer.

I guess I’ll go, if I don’t have anything better to do at the moment.

Ha ha. Like I have anything better than a Dopefest going on, ever. Since I’ll be moving about two weeks later, it’ll be nice to see everyone one… ::sniffles … last … :: wipes away tear :: … time. :: breaks into sobs ::

I can most likely make it. It would have been fun to do it during the Hash Bash though!

Pick the time! There should be free entertainment at Top of the Park around that time.

South Lyon…Gateway to New Hudson!

**Dan, ** I lived on Silverside Dr., the road that goes around Silver Lake, about six miles out of town. My brother currently owns & lives in the house we grew up in. The whole area is nearly unrecognizable to me now. Everyone’s redone their houses out there.

What band do you see in Flint? My husband is a local musician–odds are I’ve at least heard of the band you come up to see. We ought have lunch sometime!

Howzabout Saturday, Hign Noon, at Zingerman’s. Is that good for everybody? Can I get a headcount, and maybe some ideas so we can identify one another?

Also, can anyone suggest any afternoon events?

Wonko, you’re going inside? How brave!

Pencil me in. Saturday, June 7th, 12:00 p.m. Zingerman’s has outdoor seating and they also have the building next door, so as mentioned, we’ll need a way to find each other. Maybe someone can get there early and hold a DOPER flag.

In case someone’s not familiar with Zingerman’s, it can best be described as a gourmet deli, with top of the line foods from around the world. Everything there is top notch, but a sandwich (which is huge) can run about $10.00. The address is 422 Detroit St.

For afternoon events, there’s always barhopping, drinking, or beer tasting! As it gets closer, we can see what kind of entertainment will be happening. I mentioned Top of the Park (Fletcher Street parking complex) because it’s free, and they usually have bands on Saturdays. Perhaps just hitting a brew pub for a while, then finding a club for later on.

Of course, most of my suggestions will revolve around drinking beer. Feel free to take it in a different direction.

Top of the Park is grand but it doesn’t begin until June 13th.

We’ve got lots of time to suss this out; I am sure we’ll come up with a good way to id each other.