Ann Coulter on Larry King

I won’t go into all the stuff she just spouted about the Democratic Party being “a haven for traitors and spies”…

However, she (and Larry, oddly enough) seemed to believe that the beauty of the Marshall Plan was that it staved off Communism in western and southern Europe. Her related point was that Marshall doesn’t really deserve credit for the plan because he wanted it extended to the Soviet Bloc. Funny… I always thought the beauty of the Marshall Plan was that it helped rebuild a dozen or so decimated economies and kept several hundred thousand Europeans from starving to death. Dopers- your thoughts?

(incidentally, despite the ugliness of her prose and her ideology, she’s really kinda cute… I didn’t know there were decent looking evil right-wingers.)

False dichotomy. There is no one “beauty” of the Marshall Plan. It was “beautiful” for all those reasons - staving off communism, rebuilding decimated economies, and avoiding starvation.

Kinda simple debate question, really.

And An Coulter is no beauty either!

Most historians I’ve read believed that Marshall and Truman only suggested extending the Plan to the Communist Bloc just for show. Both men knew full well that Stalin wouldn’t go along with such a scheme.

Were you under the impression that Coulter consults historians, as opposed to doing L-N searches without even carefully reading the results?

don’t forget her expression of admiration for Joe McCarthy!

Being someone who is relatively conservative (more libertarian, actually), I must say that I’m embarrassed that Ann Coulter is out there representing us. She’s an idiot. And she’s definitely not good looking, unless you like bleached blonde hair and anorexia.

I haven’t read her book Treason and I’m not going to waste my time. However, there is a case to be made for supporting McCarthy, and it was made in a much more intelligent way back in the 50’s by William F. Buckley (a much better representative of conservatism than Coulter) and L. Brent Bozell in McCarthy and his Enemies. Roy Cohn even wrote a book about McCarthy which is pretty interesting.

I’m not saying that I like McCarthy, but there is a case to be made in his favor. Just don’t rely on Coulter to make that case.

The Kennedy School of Government at Harvard publishes case studies of various things in history. They are remarkably well done (although generally not lengthy). Some memorable ones were the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis and one dealing with coal power regulations and acid rain back in the early 80s.

They also put one out regarding post war Greece and the Marshall Plan. They use declassified internal documents to piece together what happened. Again, really good - I think you can get them online.

Anyway, the main purpose of the Marshall Plan really was to stave off Communism. It was felt (quite correctly) that communism was able to make it’s greatest inroads in those areas where there was a large amount of poverty. The Marshall Plan was designed to get Western European countries back on their feet ASAP and act as a bulwark to the spread of communism from the East. Offering it to the Eastern European countries was just a PR move that was supposed to show folks that the US was the good guy. The Administration knew full well that the Soviets would never allow their satellites to accept US aid.

Coulter is half right. She doesn’t seem to understand why the offer was extended to Soviet countries.

The funniest thing to me about her appearence was when she was complaining that Gray Davis had caused huge deficits in CA. Larry King said “Aren’t deficits the order of the day. What about the federal deficit of Bush?” This reduced Anne to sputtering.

Renob is dead on as far as I’m concerned. I’ve said pretty much the same thing in other threads where Coulter’s name has come up. How she manages to sell books is beyond me…

She also made a statement, (unsupported and unchallenged as always), that most of McCarthy’s demonization stems from sources of ill-repute, hearsay etc. I distinctly remembered a book or something released recently along with tapes of McCarthy’s Senate hearings which categorically proved that he was a demagogue, rampant abuser of power, and ill-intentioned individual of the first order.

The Soviets also offered the US help under it’s “developing nation aid” scheme when they beat the US into space. Of course, it was just a PR move to make the US look stupid and backwards, they had no intention of actually giving the US money, and knew they wouldn’t accept it anyway. Same situation here.

Evil right-winger wearing black leather skimpy dress to feed the fantasy:

If they made more like her I might just go to the Dark Side[sup]tm[/sup].

A succubus will look sexy and seductive, but that’s part of her nature…

Retro me, Slutanny (Makes the sign to protect against the Evil, uh, Eye.)

I wonder at the economics of it all. Gotta wonder why being a wingnut is such a great career move. Consider all the reptilian right talk show hosts. I’ve listened and they all have the same advertisers…spurious wonder vitamins, herbal viagra, compatability/intoductions, investment in gold… So I wonder if they are all competing for the same piece of advertising pie. Are they all struggling to capture the coveted demographic of sick, lonely, impotent hicks?

The distinction between them seems only to be a matter of applied bile: the ideology is entirely consistent but one guy says “wrong” while the other guys says 'traitor" and Mike Savage says “shoot him down like a dog”.

Gotta wonder that so much income is generated that it can support all of these, when thier messages are identical.

Hey, that just might be the first of her pictures I have found attractive. Then again, it could be because one can hardly see her face in it.

I mysef have always been partial to Airanna Huffington.
Personality goes a long way. Coulter looks just plain evil, inside and out.

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Awful legs.

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