Anna Nicole Smith's son has died

Latest reports are saying it WASN’T natural causes… drugs, drink, suicide? The mind boggles.

i can’t imagine what she went through in hospital.

she and her son seemed to have the typical relationship that occurs when the kid becomes the parent. he was (so weird to type was) her rock, her stability.

very tough times ahead for her and new daughter. if it was indeed his time to go, it is good she has a baby to get up in the morning for. i do not think she would be long after him without a reason to go on.

I can’t even imagine how horrible this must be for her, or for anyone in this situation.

The plot thickens!

Okay, enough sentiment! Let’s get good and sordid with this! Any juicy speculation?

For my part, I will state that, considering the psycho hosebag Ms. Smith-Marshall has shown herself to be, I would not consider it out of the realm of possibility that she is somehow involved. Anyone else agree?

Until there is some definitive evidence pointing her way, I won’t believe she had anything whatsoever to do with this.

I suspect she did it so that she wouldn’t have to remember a new number of offspring.

booking passage to Hell as we speak

booking the next cabin

“Okay, all patients with two children raise your hand…not so fast, Ms. Smith!”

Wow, this thread has taken a classy turn.

As to the news of a mysterious third person present in the room, this whole situation is just getting stranger and stranger.

That is interesting. My first thought was that the baby’s father (who hasn’t been named) was there. For we all know the baby could have been conceived in vitro though.

This whole thing is just weird. Last night on TV they were saying that they know how he died now, but they’re not releasing anything. Apparently they’re waiting on toxicology reports. I never thought I’d say this, but poor Anna Nicole. I feel genuinely bad for her.

I had a First Class Ticket to Hell thought yesterday about this whole case but didn’t voice it until someone at FARK did.

What if her son was the father of her daughter? shudder

Window seat, please.

I don’t think this is a time for cheap shots.

See, I thought the father of her daughter was some paparazzi photographer. He’d even come out and acknowledged it at some point, I remember. I guess I haven’t been keeping up on ANS gossip.

Slide over, friend; you’re not the only one who considered that possibility!

BTW, anybody wanna bet this shows up as a “ripped from the headlines” ep of CSI: (fill in city here) this season?

Anna Nicole’s entire career is based on the “cheap shot”.

And I still stand by my prediction: She’ll be giving hummers behind dumpsters for crack within 5 years.

Acc to the news, she has hired a private coroner to give a second opinion as to the cause of death. He/she will run tests, including a toxology screening.

He’s a 20 year old kid with a lot of money at his disposal and a mentally imbalanced mother. No matter how “normal” he appears, I’d put my money on drugs.

As far as ANS goes, she has my sympathy from one mother to another. That is what she deserves. As far as my respect, she lost that a long time ago.

I see the pathologist she hired is Cyril Wecht, the “celebrity coroner” who was on, among other shows, Fox’s Alien Autopsy, claiming that it indeed looked like an autopsy on a space alien. Results will no doubt show that Daniel Smith was killed by aliens because he knew too much about the Kennedy assassination.

Apparently the third person in the room was ANS’s lawyer.

According to one story I read, she was hysterical and had to be heavily sedated, blacked out the whole thing and her lawyer had to break the news of his death to her again (the story quoted the lawyer as saying he had to break the news to her).

Poor boy, poor baby, poor woman.

I don’t know what kind of drug cocktail the kid thought was appropriate for the first time he met his little sister, but it seems it was not the right one. My money is on either a cocaine-induced heart attack or an opiate overdose.

Really? Does ANS really have a lot of money? I doubt that her reality program made her much, and her movie career is insignificant. Maybe she picked up some dough from endorsements, but she seems to have a lot of hangers-on.

I think it was a sniper in a white work van that did him in.

Didn’t she get something from her late husband’s estate? What was up with her and SCOTUS? Isn’t the entire probate drama being relitigated?