Anna Nicole Smith's son has died

I know she’s an easy target as TWANS (The Widow Anna Nicole Smith), but I can’t imagine this type of loss. Her son died in the Bahamas 3 days after his mother gave birth there:

I will confess to watching her reality show, and I remember being struck by how “normal” he seemed. Bright, charming and obviously devoted to his mother, as she seemed to be to him.



Poor kid. He was always so painfully embarrassed on her reality show. If growing up with Anna Nicole Smith as a Mom doesn’t screw you up, nothing will.

(God I hope Bobby Trendy isn’t in chrage of funeral arrangments!)

How sad for her to lose her first child shortly after giving birth to her second child.

For some reason, the news makes me so sad for this poor kid. She’s a major screw-up but he seemed pretty normal and well-adjusted. It’s just such a shame.

I can’t imagine how awful it would be to lose a child. That poor woman.

I’m stunned. I originally thought you meant she had a baby boy who died three days later.


I’m not a big fan of Anna Nicole. But I’m not unsympathetic. My sympathies to Anna on her loss, which I would not wish on anyone.

How terrible. 20 years old is far too young to die. :frowning: I never paid much attention to Anna Nicole, but I definitely feel sad for her. Having to bury your own child must be one of the worst heartbreaks anyone can go through.

What’s even more horrifying is that he apparently just had a massive heart attack right in front of her. Preliminary reports are that no drugs or alcohol were involved, just one of those freak young-person-has-heart-failure-out-of-the-blue deaths. I can’t even imagine.

Where did you get that info? CNN hasn’t provided any additional info since I first saw the story this morning?

How sad. I know she adored that kid.

That’s not to say I don’t believe you…I just couldn’t find any more info and I’m curious.

From the AP:

Geez, that’s awful. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. :frowning:

I can’t imagine anything worse.

Living on with Anna Nicole Smith, maybe?

It’s very sad and very spooky in a way. The saddest thing is, he was in the hospital visiting and someone might have saved him if it happened in some other way, like while they were awake and talking. I wonder if the new baby will make her sad.

I think I must have read a preliminary report similar to the one Eve quoted which did not have the information that Anna-Nicole found him asleep.

While it’s possible for an otherwise healthy 20 year old person to have an “out of the blue” heart attack type death occur, given the context of being the son of someone whose lifestyle seemed to have revolved around being more of less continuously drunk or drugged up, I don’t think I’d be betting on natural causes as the cause of death. But… anything can happen.

Well, everything I’ve ever seen of the kid indicated he went the complete opposite (as many kids do). He seemed like a quiet, straight, reserved kid who loved his mom very much.

I’m not a big Anna Nicole fan, but this is heartbreaking.

Personally, I’m wondering if he developed a blood clot in his leg during the plane flight and it traveled to his heart. The reason I say that is we have a co-worker who was on a plane trip and developed clots in her legs. She was put on strict bed rest and blood thinners and advised that if she flies again she is to wear compression stockings. Granted, she’s older than 20, but hey it could happen.