Anna Nicole Smith Dead in Florida

CNN reports…found collapsed and unresponsive in her room, given CPR at site, but died when she reached hospital in Hollywood, Florida.

Her poor baby girl!

Google’s got nothing. Not even Google News. Headline News verifies it, though.

Holy sh*t!

Her poor little girl!

Could be a blesssing in disguise, though.

Now that I think about it, well, maybe, but still, she apparently was a decent mom to her son and they were very close. Lots of good parents have their kids experiment with drugs.

Considering the caliber of the two putative fathers, maybe not.

A quote from the Chicago Tribune, unintentionally humorous:

Yup, checked out early.

<snerk> MBG, you should be ashamed of yourself…

I’d heard about this from somebody who was, for some bizarre reason, cackling in sadistic glee over her death. I’ll admit she was one crazy, messed up woman, but to laugh over her death is just sick.

Considering the potential fathers, her daughter might have actually been better off with her, which is a scary thought.

I’m certainly not laughing at her death but I’m not particularly surprised. She was a mess and I hope she is resting in peace finally.

So I’m guessing that means her show won’t be renewed.

I may be dreaming this one, but isn’t Howard K. Stearn’s name on the baby’s birth certificate?

Oh, yeah, and then there’s Granny

Poor Bobby Trendy!

It’s odd that the backdrop of the press conference says, “Joe DiMaggio’s Children Hospital.”

I’m so tired of pretty blonde bombshells living sad, short lives.

How many points was she worth?

How could we have missed this one?

This sounds like an episode of Law & Order…

Old man marries a young woman
Old man dies
Old man’s son tries to keep young woman from getting old man’s money
Young woman’s son dies
Young woman dies

Who ends up with the money?

The baby who was plotting the whole thing before she was even conceived!

(cue L&O music)


Her husband, Howard K. Stern.

I can’t help it if I’m lucky