Anne Heche: Actress, lost soul, burn victim [Update: She has passed]

Ditto, sweetie!

Is this some kind of definition thing? I’ve seen maybe 50-100 (SWAG) serious crash scenes just driving around as a civilian and three involved fires.

One was an SUV that ran into a tree. I came upon the accident a few minutes later, the driver was standing some distance away while the car and the tree it hit were both ablaze. The whole passenger compartment was full of flames and smoke.

Another was a car that T-boned a pickup in an intersection. I saw this happen and within a few seconds of the accident we (other drivers) could see that there was a fire in the engine compartment (hood was partially up) and one Good Samaritan ran to the car to get the driver and small child out of the car before the passenger compartment filled with smoke.

The third was just a few days ago. A collision between two cars caused one to go into the trees bushes and both car and vegetation were merrily burning a very few minutes later with the fire department arriving to knock it down a few minutes after that.

Amazingly in all three cases no one was seriously hurt that I could see. Airbags and child car seats.

Am I just really unlucky or do these not count as fires caused by an auto accident?

You must be very unlucky because it’s a rare event.

I read an article tonight that described her surviving an hour in a burning car as “miraculous” which I think is premature to say before knowing how bad the burns are. I’ve told my brother if I was ever in an accident that involved say 3rd degree burns over 70% of my body to let me die instead of suffer for a while then die of an infection like many burn victims do.

Also, that poor homeowner. Regardless of whether Anne’s actions caused the accident or it was a freak thing out of her control, that poor woman lost everything except her pets.

Wow I hadn’t heard of this. I hope she is okay. It kind of reminds me of Tiger’s accident.

Living the life of a celebrity can’t be easy. It’s like you’re under a fucking microscope all of the time. I’m also reminded of the time I was in the elevator at Carlsbad Caverns with Val Kilmer. It was mostly empty and there was only Kilmer and wife and their two kids, and me and my brother and our five kids. It’s a large elevator, big enough to hold about 30 people. And the two park service employees operating the elevator and giving the Welcome intro. But the one talking just could not leave him alone. I felt sorry for him and almost spoke up to say Hey can’t you see he and his family just want to enjoy their vacation?

But then there was the time I stood next to Jerry Rice at a Jamba Juice and I couldn’t stop looking at him.

Anyway, end of hijack. I hope she is alright.

Two things, I want to defend IDok. He didn’t just post the quoted part of the thread. He made an interesting insight into his personality and he wished her well.

I thought Anne was very interesting before everything seemed to go a little crazy for her way back when. I saw her in that Alec Baldwin movie The Juror and Donnie Brasco.

I saw a doozie. A pickup hauling a trailer with a scissor-lift had a head on with a pickup hauling a (full) cattle trailer. The sound was like a lightning strike. I looked out the window. Fire ignited within about a half a minute. The wreck was totally engulfed in less than a minute. Speculation is that the 3 guys in the Westbound lane may have been alive before they were burnt to death. I watched them pull the remains out of the unidentifiable wreck and lay them on the road. It was pretty horrific. And cows were wandering all over the place! It was like a David Lynch movie.

Oops. Lost the Loach quote somehow. Anyway…

Call it what you want. But other comments I’ve seen elsewhere is that her reckless behavior caused this. But feel free to let me know if I have to be a celebrity fan boy to comment on the celebrities.

Of course her reckless behavior caused this - no one is saying otherwise. That doesn’t make mental illness and subsequent addiction any less tragic.

You’re correct. Drugs, mental issues or whatever the cause she will now even suffer more than any human should. My main issue is that I could not turn on the laptop without every story on all news organizations showing her story. Then the national news on TV was covering this. Again. She’s a celebrity. Not the president of the US or the Pope. She deserves no more coverage than the average Joe or Jane.

I remember a story about her from August of 2000, where she showed up on the doorstep of a stranger in rural Fresno County. Here’s a quote from a news story at the time:

"According to television station KSEE, one Fresno County deputy wrote in his report, “She proceeded to tell me that she was God and was going to take everyone back to heaven with her in some sort of spaceship.”

Heche was found on the doorstep of a farmhouse in rural western Fresno County Saturday, after she knocked on the door and made “strange statements” to the residents. An ambulance and sheriff’s deputies were summoned and Heche was taken to a nearby hospital."

It’s obvious she has struggled with mental health issues and substance abuse issues for years. I feel terrible for her and her family and friends.

I’ve always thought she was a pretty good actor and have enjoyed her in several roles.

I’m glad she didn’t hurt anyone else and I wish her well.


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Re: Car fires. They are such a rare event that the two most recent threads on car crashes here that I’ve seen ended in fires.

In high-school a buddy of mine had a Fiat. He fell asleep at the wheel and “totaled” the car. His insurance company decided to repair the vehicle, which led to some back-and-forth arguments, as my friend didn’t think the car was repairable.

When the car was finished being repaired, I drove him to pick it up. I was behind him at a stop sign and he got out of the car and popped the hood. FLAMES!!!

This was all before cell phones. I moved my car away from the burning car, and eventually a fire truck showed up. The insurance company sure wasn’t happy. They accused my friend of arson, but eventually paid.

i hope she recovers from her injuries.
“High rate of speed” per the police, seems to me a major factor in whether a car will ignite or not. Once the fuel lines are cut, pretty much a dicey situation. Hot electrical parts shorting etc.

Very very bad one this week in LA, car runs the light going about 100 through a busy insection. Just blows into flames with other car, into a gas station. 6 dead. What was strange watching the full footage, was how many cars, even some involved, just drove away from the clamamity. Many bystanders converged to try and help .Fiery Car Accident Kills 6 People - YouTube

This has been getting a lot of chatter on our NextDoor app, because it happened pretty much in our nieghborhood. Really awful.

As for your last sentence, I don’t know that I would stop. There appears tohave been plenty of other people around, and I’m old and not especially physically strong and not medically trained. I’d just be another body in the way of the real rescuers.

Heche nearly ran over and possibly maimed or killed several people. That’s after the first wreck a few hundred yards away.

I understand and have sympathy for her as a human being facing years of burn treatment and incredible pain. I’ve read severe burn victims never fully heal. Their skin can break open again.

Heche has been a walking train wreck for a long time. I don’t fully understand how she still had a valid driver’s license.

Cite Anne Heche in 'stable condition' after fiery Los Angeles car crash: Rep - ABC News

Videos of her fleeing the first wreck.

As a certain fictional character once said, “deserve’s got nothing to do with it.” Being a celebrity means she is NOT an average Joe or Jane. Hence she is going to get a lot of news coverage, because your average Joe or Jane are very interested in celebrity. It’s just monkey curiosity - higher status members of the troop attract more attention.

Best to just shrug and get used to it, because it is never, ever going to change.

If there was an explosion and chaos, it’s possible some people didn’t realize that it was just a traffic accident. I mean, a car doing 100 through a busy intersection might not have been terrorism or a violent attack, but unless it was caused by a medical event presumably it isn’t just an accident. I can understand people thinking they were in danger.