Anne Heche: Actress, lost soul, burn victim [Update: She has passed]

I think there should still be a thread to talk about her, not social issues or whatever that was.

I noticed her in two things before she was well-known. She was on an episode of Murphy Brown, as a friend’s daughter was visiting D.C. and stayed with Murphy. Her character was a college freshman or sophomore (still under 21; Phil instantly recognized her ID as a fake); basically Murphy at 19. Like many liberals, Murphy was horrified by her own reflection, and reacted like a conservative. Anyway, I was impressed by one line of Heche’s. Murphy objected to “Nica” blasting Public Enemy at 9am, scoffed at the idea that rap could be protest music, and held up Bob Dylan as the ultimate protest singer.

“No offense, Murphy, but I happen to think that Public Enemy has a little more relevance than a guy who’s spent the last few years wandering through Traveling Wilburys videos looking like a rabbi.” All in one breath, perfect deadpan, and without missing a syllable.

Then Mr. Rilch and I saw a test screening of a movie called A Simple Twist of Fate. Because it was a rough cut, there were no credits at the end, which meant we didn’t know who the young actress was, who ultimately got one line and was listed as “Tanny’s Playmate”. Bear with me on this: Tanny was Stephen Baldwin’s character, and his driving drunk and recklessly and crashing his car was a major plot point. What we saw, he goes into a boutique and asks out the young blonde working there. I was dazzled by their banter, and by her beautifully shaped teeth. Then they’re driving back from wherever and she gasps “Slow down!” And after the crash, she’s in a hospital bed, telling someone she’s going back to college. In the final edit, all she got was “Slow down!” And when I saw that final edit on cable, I checked the credits: “That was Anne Heche? Wow, I bet whoever decided to cut her part feels pretty dumb now.”

Anyway, dang. I hope she’ll be okay in the long run. I’m also glad that the homeowner and her pets weren’t hurt, though it still sucks to lose one’s house.

I enjoyed her in a soap opera playing twins Vicky and Marley.

I will not celebrate what’s happened to her at all but I also would never start a thread dedicated to her either. I’m not sure there is anyone associated with Hollywood that would make me lose sleep over. Sounds like she burned herself and that is unfortunate and I hope she is okay. But how did this happen? Drugs, mental health or what exactly? And no, I’ve read none of the other topic on her you mention. Talk about a teacher who is working two jobs to make ends meet or a construction roofer who was injured falling off a roof and has no insurance and it will catch my attention. But Hollywood fell off my radar many years ago. Whatever her issues are I do hope she gets better.

Recovering from burns is the worst. Ms heche is in for a very difficult time. I can only wish her the best outcome.

That is my worst nightmare.

I hadn’t heard about the car accident. That sounds pretty awful. I don’t know much about her-- just came to post that I lovedlovedloved her in The Third Miracle with Ed Harris. Wishing her a full recovery in body and spirit.

In the movie, Harris is a Catholic priest who is sent to investigate the cause of a deceased woman now being proposed for sainthood (in the old days that person was called The Devil’s Advocate). Anne Heche plays the daughter of the candidate for sainthood. Ed plays one of my favorite movie characters, the troubled priest who doubts his faith and his vocation. This is a terrific movie. I think Catholics and Ed Harris fans will especially love it.

HOW IT TURNS OUT:Anne and Ed fall in love, but never cross the line except to share one deliriously, riotously passionate kiss and some brief plans for a future together. He goes off to complete his mission, but finds his faith again along the way and ultimately breaks it off with her. I cried and cried! The “third miracle” (a sainthood candidate needs three bonafide, verified miracles for the Pope to drop the hammer) referred to in the title turns out to be something very surprising. In the old days of the message boards, someone asked what was the third miracle and it blew my mind how many people simply didn’t get it. People can be really clueless.

It’s extremely rare for a car accident to turn into a fire. I wonder what the circumstances were. Did the impact knock down a live wire?

She was moving very fast, and the car penetrated right into a house. It was literally inside the house.

Shortly before that she did a hit and run with the corner of a garage. Flammable fluids may have been leaking.

I think I read that the building was on fire and it spread to the car.

I’m pretty sure she didn’t drive into an already burning building. It a safe bet the collision caused it.

Yes that’s true but there are leaking fluids at many accidents. Fire is still extremely rare. Obviously it happens but there is usually some other factor.


This is thread shitting. If you have no interest in this person, find some other thread to post in.

I hadn’t meant to say that it did. I only meant that the fire didn’t originate in the car itself, if I remember what I read in the Daily Fail correctly.

While the “explode on contact” car thing is well beloved in Hollywood, going to the other extreme and thinking it never happens is just a false.

A car driving into a house is going to leak gas. The house is going to have 120V AC wires all over the place that are going to be smashed into. Sparks and gas are a problem. Even if it’s not a gas power car the house itself can quickly start burning.

There’s another recent thread about a Lamborghini wreck that ends in a fire. It seems to have caught fire all on its own per the video.

I love this movie, and I never see anyone else mention it. Even totally lapsed Catholic I, loved it.

I am well aware. I’ve investigated hundreds of accidents over several decades. I’ve been on a fatal investigation team. I’ve seen cars into buildings many times. I’ve dealt with leaking gas more times than I can count. I’ve personally seen an accident cause a fire exactly once. It obviously happened in this case. But something very specific has to have happened to cause the fire and I’m wondering what that very specific thing was in this case.

Maybe it’s ironic but the only movie I distinctly remember her in was Volcano, which also was about a fire in Los Angeles.

I knew there was a reason I like you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: