Annoying Celebrities We Love

The celebrities that I love, everyone else seems to hate. And it’s not that thing I do where I like a celeb just because they are hated. No, in these cases, I genuinely love these celebs and think they are smart and bold and direct, and then I find out everyone else pretty much thinks they are awful (not everyone else, of course, but lots of folks that I like and was surprised to find they didn’t like the same people I like). It dawns on me that liking celebrities that people find annoying may just be another sign that I am indeed, annoying.

So, I shall submit the three top celebs that get a lot of hate around here and elsewhere. Then, hopefully, others will fess up to the annoying celebs they love.

Bill Maher : I know folks think he is a smug asshole, and he is, but I dig him. When he gets on the PETA or the healthfood soapbox, he really seems out of character to me, so much so that I just ignore him. But all the rest of the time, I really like him.

Joy Behar: Love her. I think she speaks her mind, gets to the point, and I just generally agree with her most of the time. I don’t know how she puts up with the rest of those cackling hens, and that includes Barbara and Whoopie (Babs, I’m actually kind of cool with.)

Judge Judy : She is terrific. Was shocked to find that most people thinks she is a horrible bitch. I think she is smart as a whip and all about business.

Anyone else want to fess up?

I would add Sarah Palin. She annoys everyone, but the crowds just seem to love her. She’s a smug asshole, but where ever she goes she generates attention. I like her personality and style and I HATE her politics. But people LIKE her.

I don’t know how people feel about Kathy Griffin, other than my friend who saw me watching “My Life on the D-List” the other day and professed his hate for her.

I think she’s awesome (I’m not even gay!) And almost everything she says is tongue-in-cheek. Plus she supports the same causes I do so that rocks.

I wonder how her personality is responding to her darling daughter Bristol announcing to mommy Sarah today (via a gossip rag no less) that she is getting married to ol’ Levi Johnston, (father of Bristol’s little white-trash miracle) who Sarah has called a pornographer and a pathological liar…

Kathy Griffin is another one that I like, but found out later that lots of people hate.

Can’t she be all three? She is a woman who’s smart as a whip and all about business who just happens to be a horrible bitch as well.

That, and she’s overshadowed by the judge on The People’s Court, Marilyn Milan, who’s also smart as a whip, all about business and seems like one of the nicest people you’d ever meet.

Count me in on Kathy Griffin. I think she’s brave and hilarious.

Yeah, you are right. I think she is a bitch, but I think I like bitches.

Here’s the thing about Judge Milian. And every other judge besides Judy, IMO:

They seem to be trying to tease out the most tv-juicy details.

With Judge Milian, it may go like this; “So, you go out with Sam? Ok, and Sam is also sleeping with your sister. Is that your sister? Come up here, sis. You are sleeping with Sam? Ok, and you all sleep together sometimes, and now you think he doesn’t owe you the money.”

Now, with Judge Judy, it may go more like this:

Sister: "So, I’m also sleeping with Sa…’
Judy: “I don’t care who you’re sleeping with, show me the check receipts.”

To Judge Milian’s credit, she does always break down the law. She explains her decisions from a legal perspective, which is cool.

I’m another straight guy who loves Kathy Griffin. She is hilarious and fearless and she does a great job of ridiculing people who overestimate their own importance. She pokes fun at herself as much–if not more–than she does anyone else, and I appreciate that.

I submit Lindsay Lohan, if she counts. I don’t know whether people find her annoying or whether they just have a smug feeling of superiority/pity towards her. Either way, in the movies I’ve seen her act in, I’ve found her to be much more likable than the average big name movie star.

Sure she counts. Why shouldn’t she? I have never really loved her or anything (thought she was good in the Parent Trap) but I don’t hate her either. Ditto for Paris Hilton, Nichole Ritchie and all the other celeb/socialites.