I just want to pit the whole TPLF, with a special nod to MJL for being obstinate and clueless, and the entire supporting structure for being willfully ignorant and stubborn, and the generic resource chosen to accomplish nothing much for them. And a special raspberry to boat-anchor BLG and his/her ability to throw a spanner in pretty much every attempt to accomplish anything.

That is all. I feel better even if you’re all mystified to hell.

On behalf of my dear friend Mary Jane Lingenhoufer, president of The Toilet Paper Lickers Foundation, why don’t you go choke on a urinal cake?

After getting the… final confirmation of terminal ass-clown fuckup, set to the tune of “Yakety Sax,” of what was a brilliantly conceived and necessary project, pass me the cake. No ketchup needed.

Clearly the Unpaid Uncivilized Person is referring to Mary Jane’s brother, the esteemed Martin Joseph Lingenhoufer and his involvement with the Terminally Late Parrot Fuckers organization.

Oh wait, that’s the TLPF. Not the TPLF. My mistake. Completely different group, clearly.


About the TLPF-Is it about fucking dead parrots, or about never showing up at the meetings to fuck parrots?

Wouldn’t you just like to know. Harumph.

Come on-You can’t tell me I’m the only one that’s ever shown up at an empty Grange Hall on a Tuesday night with a bagful of dead parrots.

Not me. I just show up with my bird in my hand.

It’s really classy that you brought some to share.

They’re not dead. They’re just pining.

Next time I’m coming with Dubya with two stuffed up his ass.

I would like to share in your rage, but I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

Be a professional barbarian and provide details, lest we launch dead cows at you.

What, no one was raped, a cop didn’t shoot some unarmed miscreant, nobody shit in Muffin’s yard, and there’s no dispute on the date the wall didn’t fall? WTF kind of pitting is this?

This “lamest pit in the world” belongs in MPSIMS.

The cake is a lie.


Since when is Mr. Jerry Lewis shilling for the Todd Palin Liquor Fund?

If I was able to give it full vent, it would belong in a nuclear containment facility.

No, it’s not. It’s right through that portal over there.

[li]Observed major shortcoming in community.[/li][li]Conceived brilliant plan to address shortcoming. Much applause.[/li][li]Orgs responsible for facilitating plan dither for two years.[/li][li]Vote on plan comes up suddenly in meeting, after extremely contentious two-hour battle over some other picayune shit. I missed the comment and the project was handed to someone else - after my two years of planning and boostering.[/li][li]I figure, no problem, she can have the rudder and it will free me from the pissy details.[/li][li]She ignores me repeatedly on the topic until I finally get that she’s going to run it her way, my input is not needed, thank you. I make one comment that a generic approach will not be of much value.[/li][li]She spends six months on the most generic approach possible, wasting time at every turn doing things like “polling the community” when the community has absolutely no idea what the question is.[/li][li]The first step of the project is announced, in a community email filled with misspellings (one out of three words in the subject line spelled correctly; all are in an elementary-school reader) and the body pasted up from boilerplate.[/li][li]The step is to be presented by a generic team from a generic provider, about the equivalent of having a weekend evening store team from McDonald’s come lecture on the fine points of preparing Basque seafood dishes.[/li][/ol]
Not only was my plan stolen from me, but it was fucked into tapioca and will stand in the way of ever doing it right. It will cause a compounding of the problems it nominally sets out to fix. And there’s nothing I can do except rail mutely here.

BLG is the messiah!!!

Clearly the OP has read the latest platform statement of the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front and is as utterly peeved as I am regarding its total disregard of the principals upon which the original rebellion was based. . .
. . . or s/he’s a teacher in UK. Teachers’ Professional Learning Framework