Not another day of this shite!

I see a vast number of new names popping up at the main page. Mink Licker being the latest. All in the UK, all with blocked e-mail addresses. Surely, we’re not gonna endure ANOTHER day of this crap?

If they’re bonafide newbies I will retract each and every word of this. But I have a sneaking suspicion they’re not.

So, I invite them all in here. There ya go lads, stand in line over there. Mr. AK-47 will be with you shortly.

I know, it’s like the LBMB invasion but with an Uncle Beer jones. It is very tiring and dull.

Hopefully, the attention spans of these trolls and sock puppets are similar to their maturity levels–three year olds–and they will leave soon.

Oh, and in case the suspects are proven innocent, I will take it back.

I see someone named Pothole2 just registered :rolleyes:

We have fed these fuckers for 2 days now .

The ones that have anything worthwhile to say will stay . The muppets that are just looking for us to get into a slagging match will bore very quickly .

Let’s just introduce them to a very nice part of their own country . Namely Coventry .

OK, I’ve been reading some of what’s going on, and it took me a while to build up the nerve to sign up. But, hey, you only live once. So, I thought I’d step up so you can lob stuff at me if you want. I admit it, it’s a fair cop. I’m English. I happen to have spent almost all of my life living in Hong Kong, but don’t let that stop you. Fire away…
And I’ve never been to Coventry, though I hear it has an excellent sewer system.

I think they are all kids coming from a link made by CD Milk in a music forum. Biffer is definately a different person from CD…in fact, I suspect they are all different people.

Seems CD has been successfully banned (so far) and I hope they all get tired of it very soon.

The forum is part of a large entertainment site with very serious financial backing so one would hope the Admins would view kindly requests from another Board to remove links. The particular forum in question is:

Thx London

Can we have these fuckers banned now please ? Pretty please with a cherry on top .

You should mail the admin with this info as they might take a while to see it in the thread .

Once again thx for the link .

Good Work, Sherlock_Calling :wink:

Good thinking, yojimbo. I’d think they’d be keeping a pretty close watch today but, you’re right, I’ll send it to TubaDiva just to make sure.

If only Spurs could work out defences just as easily !!

They’d have no trouble against Villa at the moment, us having no defenders and all…

… or strikers, for that matter :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a friend of CD Milk. She was very upset by the abuse she got, and never went back. I thought she’d like to see what had gone on since she left. You want to ban me? I have not broken the rules, I’ve been generally polite on this site, and contributed to questions where I feel I can input. My comments on the Music365 site are separate, and are a show of support for CDMilk, and nothing to do with my purpose on this site. Do what you want, but if I’m not banned on this site, I will continue to post as I see fit.

touche! (you’ll have to imagine the accent…)

 Did you see the pictures of Nilic's broken leg? That's got to hurt!

Well Spotted, now what have I done?

and Spurs are doing pretty well at the moment. They have Rebrov and Iverson,a good combo. Don’t know why Graham’s not been accepted there (obvious North London rivalries aside), cause they’re nothing like the side they were when he joined. A place in Europe beckons this season, I reckon.

I would suggest to our new British friends who insist upon causing trouble here, that you stop doing it from your employer’s and university’s computers. I suspect they would frown on this activity and might even take action were a letter to be posted to them. Or I could just make that info public right here. Does that sound like fun?

So is it OK if I do it from home?

Blown your cover upon arrival, perhaps? At least TRY to avoid being banned by chosing a username that does not equal “lastusername + next logical number”. This way, you’re out of here again after your first abusive post.

It’s perfectly possible to sign on again, start contributing, stop being obnoxious, and generally enjoy these boards. It’s happened before - just not when you’re chosing a name so similar to the one we still know from yesterday (and not in a good way).

Is it just me, or is everyone else getting a little tired of Man. Utd. winning all the time? The fact that you’re sponsered by Rupert Murdoch shouldn’t guarantee a top three place, at the very worst, should it? I reckon even I could put together an unbeatable team with that much money…
And then what happens when they go and play in the world club cup in Brazil. Whomp!

As an aside, I have to say, without wanting to offend anyone, that 90% of self-confessed United die-hards have never been to Old Trafford. Can anyone spell glory supporter for me?