Another Chimp Attack (South Africa)

I just read that an American student was attacked at a center for abused chimpanzees, at a town in South Africa. According to the emergency room staff, the guy is pretty messed up (he’s in critical condition).
Haven’t people realized how dangerous these animals are? I wonder why Jane Goodall was never attacked.
Any Dopers in SA? Will this poor guy survive?

Chimps are dangerous once they reach adulthood they can and eventually will tear your face off. That’s why after they they’ve past the cute phase end up in cages for the rest of their lives. I don’t know why people still have these animals as pets.

They will literally bite your fingers and genitalia off.

But I need those!!

The guy was/is from St Louis area…

Sosa said her brother lost his ears, his left arm and all his toes in the attack.

WOW…and Ouch!

The account I read said that he was lecturing a group and stepped over the outer fence. He got too close to the inner, electrified fence and a chimp reached under, grabbed him by his ankles and dragged him inside the enclosure. It must have been nightmarish.

The woman who was attacked by a chimpanee in Stamford, Connecticut in 2009 is trying to sue the state for $150 million. The contention is that the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection knew that the animal was dangerous.

It’s pretty gruesome, the vast majority of you do not want to read this. I know there are one or two Dopers who will be interested though, so I thought I’d share.

The young man is a graduate student in Anthropology and Primatology. He was leading a tour in the Jane Goodall refuge for abused animals when two large males pulled him under the fence of their enclosure and attacked him.

The bare details which might help some of you resist the urge to read the whole horrid thing:

He lost his ears, left arm, and all his toes in the attack. He also has quite a few other soft tissue injuries, and remains in stable but critical condition.

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It sounds like the current victim lost his left arm and his toes, but kept his face, eyes, and balls.

Goodall *was *attacked, by at least one aggressive male. Frodoeventually drove her away from the group when he became the alpha male. He also killed one researcher’s 14 month old, and once attacked Gary Larson! (Yes, that Gary Larson.)

In fact it was Goodall’s research which gave us our first inklings that chimpanzees, even in the wild, are not the cute cuddly gentle vegetarian sweethearts we thought they were. She was the first to describe their aggression, rape, cannibalism and the hunting of the colobus monkeys by chimpanzees. That was when we first knew they eat meat!

Goodall herself is gentle and soft spoken, and genuinely fond of her subjects, but she was under no illusion that one false move or look or just a bad mood and she could be killed or maimed by them. I wish more people understood that as well as she does.

Jesus. I was going to make a joke until I read this article, which goes into greater detail of the killing of the baby. And after Goodall was attacked, she wouldn’t even enter Frodo’s territory again without a pair of (presumably human & armed) bodyguards.

Why would the police kill that poor woman!

“In the United States, a Connecticut woman, Charla Nash, was attacked in 2009 by a friend’s chimpanzee that ripped off her nose, lips, eyelids and hands before being killed by police.”

I’ve seen recent writing on the internet that Goodall discovered that chimps eat meat. She may, indeed, be the one that discovrered it, but she’s been at it a long time. I read quite a long time ago how chimps would eat meat if they came upon an easy kill. The article didn’t identify the kill as Colobus. Perhaps the recehnt discovery was a more directly agressive hunting of Colobus than had been expected, rather than grabbing an adventitious meal.

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The chimp was killed :stuck_out_tongue:

This guy should have known better. He was a grad student studying the chimps.

This is what happens when familiarity breeds laziness and complacency.

The previous chimp attack in the news (where the woman got her face bit off by her idiot neighbor’s chimp) was a tragedy. IMHO, not so much so in this case. I feel for the guy, but it is ultimately his own fault. Frankly, he was stupid and lazy and is lucky to be alive with his eyes and balls intact.

Never turn your back on a chimp. He should have known it more than anyone.

No, one of the chimps was shot, but it was treated and will heal. The center decided that neither animal will be put to death.

It was in 1960 (October 30, according to her notes) while working on her thesis that she (Goodall) observed them eating meat, and by the mid '80s it was well established by multiple researchers that they don’t simply scavenge, but hunt (and not just colobus monkeys, but other monkeys, wild pigs and even small antelope). So yes, it’s been a while; she’s no spring chicken. :wink:

Just a few days after noticing the meat eating, in November of 1960, Goodall was the first to witness chimps using modified twigs to catch termites - the first time another animal was observed using tools. That must have been an overwhelmingly exciting time to be doing chimpanzee research!

The more recent discovery you may be thinking of is that chimps have now been observed making “spears” and using them to hunt bush babies. They’re not throwing spears, but thrusting spears, like we think Neanderthals used. They’re essentially the modified twig idea with a larger branch, thrust into holes where bush babies often hide. This was reported in early 2007.

Good. I am tired of animals acting according to their instincts being punished for human idiots actions.