Another Danny Elfman question

Ok so I am a massive Oingo Boingo/Elfman fan and some people on another music page I belong to claim he has some criminal record regarding something pretty bad that I feel awkward posting what that is here. For various reasons. Wondering if its just bullsht rumor. Is there a way to view any public record like that for free or anyone here that already uses/registered with one of those background check things able to look for me and just tell me if its true? Or anyone already actually know? I dont have a credit card.

“Little Girls” by Oingo Boingo (1981) is certainly creepy, and so are some other works. Note, that was 1981.

But nothing I can find shows him arrested or charged with any actual real crimes. Wikipedia notes nothing at all like a real crime.

You looked it up on the criminal record thingy?

Generally that only shows felonies. He has not been convicted of a felony in any state that reports to the database, afaik. I no longer have full access, however.

What is the alleged crime? Are you sure it has nothing to do with that song?

Well, he did “play” Satan in Forbidden Zone, and he should be convicted of Criminal Fruitiness for most of his music, so who knows?

So, other than making a REALLY creepy song and video, he hasn’t committed any actual real crimes.

It sounds like he’s suffering from Piers Anthony Syndrome. He hasn’t actually been convicted or accused of anything, but he wrote something a long time ago people find a bit cringey today.

Hes written some of the greatest songs ever made.

I heard he parties with dead men.

Ok so the rumors I heard were just based on that stupid song that some people twisted more and took seriously and went further with. And the other thing I read was someone trolling (about a criminal record) to which they finally admitted was them being a jerk. so… Disregard my Elfman posts.

Also, Im on the spectrum and have trouble expressing, socializing right and have anxieties about, well…to others, petty stuff and i gotta work on that.

So, Danny is still a good guy…and has no record. I just worry over dumb stuff. If possible, still…if there’s a way to just remove these posts or whatever, that would be even better. Would like to forget this now.

Sorry for being annoying.