Another flaming gay marriage opponent

What a flamer!

Burn, baby burn! Cheerios inferno! :wink:

Good thing there doesn’t appear to be drought there! He’d have drawn a lynch mob here for that! See here and here. This isn’t very far from us, (SE Kansas) and this area has had grass fires too. Thankfully we have had some lower temperatures and rain. But a lot of trees are brown, and almost all the grass is brown. The farmers just called the corn a loss weeks ago… :frowning:

Omg, he’s a cereal killer! :stuck_out_tongue:

Why do they all sound so gay?! I just knew knew knew knew he’d have the stereotypical gay voice affection before I even clicked the link. At first I thought it was a parody, but it’s IMPOSSIBLE to parody the rapidly anti-homosexual crowd. Literally impossible.

Maybe you just can’t keep up with them? :wink:

Stupid P isn’t even close to the B! Dunno what happened there…

Pretend you were posting with your phone and it’s an autocorrect error?

Hah! I guess this means Michael Leisner is ready to retire from his real estate career.