Another HTML question.

Now this i cannot wrap my head around…Why do my files look one way locally but then when i upload them to the server they look a little differnt? I am using the same browser but the pages look differnt even though they look find locally but weird up on the server. It has something to do with my tables and have been unable to fix it. What could cause this? What should i look for? And yes i cleared out my cache everytime i compared just to be sure.

You might be referencing a CSS file that exists only on your local machine.

Nope, i only have 1 css file and i know its on the server. And even if it wasnt it would throw off all my text not just my tables. i am going crazy…

The problem could be something in your uploading process. Use a program like curl or wget to download the raw HTML file from the server, and do a file compare with your local source.

When you say “locally” you mean on your computer using whatever browser you use (Firefox, IE, Opera, etc) and not an HTML editor’s internal browser, right? There can be a huge difference between how a page looks in an editor and how it looks in a browser…

Are you using any images as spacers? Could it be that you are missing an image on the server?

Are you using free hosting? Does it place junk on your page for you?

Have you re-uploaded your CSS to make sure that what you have locally is what is on the server?

Browse to your site and View Source and compare with your local html.

Yes i am using firefox to locally view the file as well as firefox to view the remote file, i am using image spacers which do not seem to be working. i think i am going to clear out my server and upload everything again from scratch. I have not compared the sources but i should.

Your question again was a little vague. Which files - image or code? Are all your paths absolute or relative (e.g. “/filepath” or “…/filepath” or “./filepath” or “http://somesite/filepath” or the worst [usually a Microsoft and/or FrontPage error] “C:/Documents and Settings/yourname/My Documents/mysite/filepath” ?)

Seeing you are using image spacers, are you giving them absolute dimensions (FireFox doesn’t usually penalise you if the spacers aren’t actually there, as long as you have given them dimensions). And, sadly, do check this thing on IE, as it is much less forgiving than FireFox.

Well the thing is…IE works fine and looks fine… Firefox is what is not seeing them correctly but only on the server. I am using realitive paths. I know firefox and IE are differnt but if they both see if the same locally they should both see it the same remotely. Yes i am giving my spacer a width of “50” which looks fine except when it is uploaded.

Hm. Can you show us the specific page that you’re having trouble with? Are you using some kind of HTML editor (like FrontPage or Dreamweaver), or are you writing the code by hand?

Just on the face of it, it sounds like you could be having a problem with your doctypes, with something somehow causing the page to render in Quirks mode when viewed locally, and in Standards mode when viewed on your server. Without more details, though, it’s hard to say.

What doctype / HTML version are you targeting, and what MIME type does your server return when serving HTML files?