i need some help regarding my deteriorating webpage


i had a few duplicates uploaded that i didn’t need, so i was doing some ftp-cleaning. when i was done i went to check out my page to make sure i didn’t accidently delete something that i wasn’t supposed to, and as a reward for my efforts a few of my pictures wouldn’t show up. i opened cuteftp up again to see if maybe i had erased them. they were still there. then, just to make sure that the problem wasn’t with the pictures themselves, i opened them in explorer. they were there, too. so what i did next was check the code to make sure that i had everything written correctly, case and all. everything was fine. then, i decided to overwrite the old jpg’s with the exact same ones. two of the six reappeared. after that i did the same thing with the html files. nothing. then i deleted the image files from the server, saved them again and uploaded. once again, nothing. two of the pictures come up half way, while the other two just aren’t there at all.

i’ve given the process of elimination my best shot and am completely without a clue.

if anybody can give me a hand with this, that would be absolutely excellent.
my page is at: http://members.home.net/cattywompus

more specifically, the tempermental pictures can be found at: http://members.home.net/cattywompus/dclouds.html - (picture 2 under ‘france’) http://members.home.net/cattywompus/dock.html - (picture 1 under ‘other’) http://members.home.net/cattywompus/berries.html - (picture 3 under ‘other’) http://members.home.net/cattywompus/sky.html - (picture 7 under ‘other’)

and to those of you who make an effort in helping me: thank you very very much.

Hmm. Whenever I’ve had this problem, I just re-uploaded and it was fine again. Obviously you’ve tried variations of this.

Just make sure you really are copying over the correct files (I can get lost in a jungle of directories sometimes) and that you’re copying them in binary format.

I think that’s right…

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Also double check the filesizes. Make sure that they match (or are very close) on both the server and your local drive.

yeah… i checked my file sizes and they’re the same uploaded as they are in explorer.

bah to this, i say.

“If anybody wants a sheep, that is proof that he exists.”

All of the various browsers I have say these jpg’s are corrupted, so it’s not your imagination. This sort of thing is frustrating, and I can’t say for sure what is wrong.

Make sure the original files are still good–i.e. use your browser to look at them on your hard drive, hitting refresh to make sure it’s not displaying a cached copy.

If the local copies are good, then keep uploading them to the server until you get a good copy transfered. Again, don’t forget to refresh to make sure you are looking at the most recent upload.

Remember, it is best to think of this not as “a problem”, it as “a learning experience”. After you have fixed the problem, you will have learned something. Well, maybe not. But it sounded good, anyway.

I’d re-ftp all your pictures, like people have said already… but make sure your FTP program is set to binary and not ASCII.

Ya probably didn’t clear your browser cache so its reloading your site from your HD where there weren’t no pictures…tada

push shift & hit reload.

i’ve checked the pictures with various programs and they are all fine. and as for reloading. oh boy, have i ever.

… and i really appreciate your time. thank you.

“If anybody wants a sheep, that is proof that he exists.”

and learn something, i certainly did.

ahem instead of spending hours trying to find the source of a <s>problem</s> learning experience, just start over. it could very likely take much less time, and the lower level of frustration will keep you from eating as many reese’s pieces and feeling so gross.

or in this case, just scan them again.


“If anybody wants a sheep, that is proof that he exists.”

Is this a UNIX server?

It sounds like the permissions could be set wrong. Check if the pictures have the “r” flag set on.

Pics look fine to me.

Based on the file timestamps, mega the roo ftp’ed new copies to the server, and successfully slayed the corrupted files dragon. Nice photographs, too.

yup, i scanned them again and uploaded new copies. it took a fraction of the time i spent trying to figure out what was wrong.

and whitetho, thank you very much.

“If anybody wants a sheep, that is proof that he exists.”