Another ID the War movie

I saw this movie years and years ago and I only remember a few scenes
I believe it was WWII… (these might be from separate movies… this was a long time ago)

There was a scene where two (maybe 3) characters wanter into a minefield and when they are in the middle of it, they realize that the only thing they can use to sweep it and get out are their forks.

Another scene was after they dug their foxholes, someone either had their grenade go off in the hole, or they bailed and ended up getting fragged by a grenade. I just remember the CO saying to someone something to the effect of “You don’t want to see that, son”

Another scene was when the enemy surrendered and one of the characters shot one of the surrendering troops and another character started yelling about how the enemy had their hands up already.
Thanks for any help.

This might be Hell Is For Heroes (1962). It does feature a scene of soldiers crawling on their bellies thru a mine field, but I don’t recall whether this is the same movie with the fork. I do remember the fork as mine detector in a movie, but I’m not 100% confident that it’s this one.