Looking for a WWII movie about resistance fighters, or possiby escaping Jews

There’s a war movie I remember from my childhood, an I have no idea what it was called. Every now and then I think about it, and I’d like to track it down again. I only remember two scenes (and I do hope they’re from the same movie).

In one, the refugees are hiding in an underground hidey-hole, and German soldiers are walking along in a line, pushing probes into the ground looking for any such voids. When the probe penetrates the roof of the hole, one of the refugees pushes up on the probe with his hand to offer resistance so the soldier doesn’t detect the hole, but the probe also penetrates his hand.

In another scene, the group are gathering smuggled weapons at a house in town. I remember one of them opening 1-2 suitcases with a bunch of straw inside, along with some grenades and an MP-40 submachinegun. IIRC, the Germans attack and grenades are thrown.

I saw this at some time in the 70’s or early 80’s. Ringing any bells?

I was going to suggest Uprising but it’s from 2001, so probably not from your childhood. It’s about the Warsaw uprising, and unless I’m confusing with another movie, it has scenes like you describe.

ETA: Definitely not your movie – just noticed you said 70’s, 80’s. Sorry!

Yeah, it was made then, or before then. I think it was in color.

This scene feels horribly familiar to me, and it’s driving me crazy that I can’t place it. Did you see your movie in a theater or on TV? Maybe take a look at Wikipedia’s list of holocaust films. The TV miniseries Wallenberg: A Hero’s Story (1985) is in the right time frame for my memory, and I remember watching at least part of it, but I can’t say if that’s where I saw the scene.

Long shot, but maybe *Operation Daybreak *. Also known as *The Price Of Freedom *in the US

It’s many years since I saw it, and I don’t remember the details, but certainly the resistance fighters hid out in an underground chamber (Church crypt?)

It would have been on TV.

Nope, not that one. Just gave it a look.