Another Idiocy From The Short Bus States

Yes, you Red Staters sure are a constant source of amusement. The valedictorian is denied her diploma because she said “how the helldo I know” in her commencement speech. I’d ask if Gone With The Wind is R-rated in Oklahoma, but frankly I don’t give a damn. Can’t you people just join the Taliban and get it over with?

I dunno. From the article:

I think they should deny her the diploma on that alone.

I think they should give her the diploma outright for having to suffer through high school with a name like “Nootbaar.”

IMHO thread on the subject.

It is stupid and I can see how it seems a big deal to her now, but does anyone here even still have their HS diploma? It’s not like one keeps it in a frame on the wall. And yeah, I have no clue what part of Twilight inspired that part of the speech, but she really ought to have kept that to herself.

She’s in high school. What else do you expect?

To post something a little more serious, I think the OP is a fucking idiot. This isn’t a “red state/blue state” thing - it’s single specific high school thing. Republican / Democrat doesn’t even enter into it and by trying to shoehorn political parties in, he’s being just as much a dumbass as Fox News when they run stories about some random school administrator’s decision being part of some “liberal agenda”. Fumster is even comparing the school administration to the goddamn Taliban, fer chissakes.

Not everything has to do with political parties, and only morons look at things like this and try to twist it into some political point for their side.

Many monocles hit the floor that day.

Our diplomas are in a box in the basement, where they belong. Same box holds my husband’s class ring.

Off topic: I was unpleasantly surprised that the class ring tradition is still alive and well, despite legions of parents who know first-hand what a racket it is. The second you graduate, the rings are tossed in a drawer. However, despite claiming to be a progressive school, my daughter’s school held an actual ring ceremony where all the girls put on their rings for the first time. :rolleyes:

Something had to be done to make it up to all the families who wanted a nice, dignified graduation ceremony only to have it ruined by base vulgarity

No, you are right of course, the Red Stares aren’t full of loonies that fight civil rights, limit abortions, think Obama is a Muslim, don’t believe in AGW, handle snakes, want to put Creationism in schools, and elect people like Akin. It’s all just an unfair characterization.

ETA: And by the way, I’m not comparing the school administration to the Taliban I’m comparing the whole creationist, ant-gay, anti-woman, blame the rape victim, no sex education, prayer in school, 10 commandments on the wall politicians at all levels of government.

My mom kept mine on the wall for thirty-six years, until she passed away and I got it back (it’s in the important papers box, now). Granted, a HS diploma was a bigger deal 30-40 years ago, but still…I’m not sure I would consider it disposable; even today.

Dude, you just jumped from a single highschool valedictorian speech to, well, whatever the above is. That’s impressive even by Der Trihs standards.

Christ, what a 'tard. Look, dipshit, it’s simple: You didn’t start a thread about politics, so don’t try to make it about politics. If you’re still confused, ask someone with some tact.

It is an unfair comparison. The principal is just another bureaucratic twit with delusions of grandeur. That transcends party politics, and it happens in different ways in states of all colors. You’re the one with issues by labeling it red/blue state.


It’s not like some other idiocy happened recently that might reinforce the stereotype of Red Staters embracing politicians that are utterly clueless wackjobs. Maybe we can just wait until they start stoning adulteresses.

It’s totally disposable the second you enroll in college. From that point on nobody cares about high school in the least.

No, actually I did. There is probably another reason *you *didn’t get *your *diploma.

Everyone doesn’t go to college. So for those people, I would imagine it’s not totally disposable.