Another in a long list of bad movie ideas: Dungeon Siege

I was checking out earlier today, just to see what’s come out that I might not have known about. And I see this:

Alone in the Dark rated a whopping 1% on the Tomatometer. House of the Dead peaked at 6%. I simply cannot imagine how this effort will be anything other than a similarly huge, steaming load. Are people really that keen to see crappy movies made from mediocre video games?

Do Boll’s films actually make any money? How does he keep getting projects?

$60 million???

A three-hour running time? Is this guy delusional?

Every con needs this booth.

Miller, that link was fraking hilarious.

Well, at least Uwe hasn’t been comissioned to adapt any books.

The Watchmen, a Uwe Boll film. :eek:

He finances his own films. The studios just distribute them. Each film makes back enough money to pay for the next one.

The video game companies win: They get money for a title they may not have even been using anymore, and some exposure for the game.

The studios win: They get a low risk gurnatee of a little profit.

Boll wins: his films are so cheap that he’ll probably make a few bucks from those who haven’t learned to scream and run in the oppoiste direction from his name.

The film critics (professional and Internet shriekers) win: they get to try to outdo each other ion how much they hatd this movie.

How on EARTH do they do this? I can’t believe there’s people dumb enough to pay to watch his movies, at least not after the first one.

Incidentally, how could you possibly get a movie out of Dungeon Siege? It’s got less story than Doom!

Okay, so I checked Uwe Boll’s IMDB page and I have never heard of any of these movies. Ever. Do said movies not get a wide release or am I just out of the loop?

Hey, lighten up! It’s going to have Will Sanderson either.


Yeah, I never heard of him either.

Unfortunately, the thing that raised Dungeon Siege out of the dregs of mediocrity was that it had an incredible interface and an interesting mechanic for skill & magic use. Unfortunately, those are not likely to help on the big screen.